This Week in Technology Innovation and Trends

Samsung Medison and Intel enable faster, simpler ultrasounds. Intel’s startup growth program expands to two new cities. Enterprise technology trends emerge as work-from-home continues. Intel Industrial Summit 2020 is next week. And consumers can now trace their coffee back to the farm.

Intel AI Powers Samsung Medison's Fetal Ultrasound Smart Workflow

New smart workflows from Samsung Medison and Intel aim to improve obstetric measurements, contribute to maternal and fetal safety, and allow doctors to spend more time talking with patients. BiometryAssist and LaborAssist automate and accelerate ultrasounds, improving time-sensitive care during pregnancy and delivery.

Intel Ignite Expands to Austin, Texas, and Munich, Germany

Intel’s startup growth program is growing. The Intel Ignite program, which began in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2019 and gives startups access to leading experts and technology, is expanding to Austin, Texas, and Munich, Germany. Both cities are home to Intel sites and top-tier startup ecosystems, and we’re excited to see what innovations emerge in these new locations.

What's Really "Normal" for Workplaces?

Many businesses face a new work-from-home reality these days, and it seems likely to continue. But other trends related to remote work have emerged too. We’re seeing growth in cloud services and storage, huge demands on network infrastructure, virtual events, and more. Plus, the lines between business hardware and consumer hardware are blurring.

Register Now for Intel Industrial Summit 2020

Have you registered for Intel Industrial Summit 2020 yet? Don’t miss this Sept. 23–24 event where you’ll see the technologies that will help us build the future of Industry 4.0 by delivering extraordinary new levels of efficiency, intelligence, and performance. Register today!

Coffee Industry Taps Blockchain for Smart Sourcing Management

Consumers increasingly demand more sustainable products, and coffee is no exception. So how can consumers get greener beans? The Thank My Farmer app, which uses IBM’s blockchain technology for intelligent supply chain management, makes it possible for consumers (and also growers, suppliers, and distributors) to trace their coffee from farm to mug.