This Week in Technology Innovation and Trends

Commerce is getting a makeover thanks to some key technologies. Three pretty different cities around the world have all gotten smart, and there’s a lot we can learn from them. Intelligence needs to move to the edge of networks to support advanced vision workloads, and Intel technology is here to help. What will define the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Whatever it is, it’ll probably be enabled by AI. And there are plans to bring Mobility-as-a-Service to Israel next year in the form of self-driving electric cars.

3 Digital Trends That Will Change Commerce in 2019

It may not be a Stacy London “What Not to Wear”-style makeover, but commerce is definitely in the middle of a makeover of its own thanks to AI, voice technology, and experiential shopping. These digital trends could change the way things look in 2019, so when commerce heads into that dressing room with a 360-degree mirror, it may hardly recognize itself.

Smart City Approaches in the Real World

What do New York City, Barcelona, and Tallinn, Estonia have in common? On the face of it, those might seem like very different cities—because they are. They’re in different parts of the world and have different populations (like 8.6 million in NYC vs. 426,500 in Tallinn). But they’ve all used smart city technology to improve urban life, and we can learn some important lessons from them.

Intel Accelerates Deep Learning Inference for Advanced Vision Workloads

As it turns out, the giant data center in the sky isn’t ideal for all applications. We’re going to need to move intelligence from the cloud to the edge, much closer to where decisions are made, especially for advanced vision workloads like autonomous vehicles and smart cameras. Technologies like Intel FPGAs and OpenVINO make that possible, so get ready for smarter networks.

5 Ways AI Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

Fill in the blank: Steam is to the first Industrial Revolution as _______ will be to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. If you guessed AI (did the headline give it away?), you win. AI will remake the world as we know it by enabling new technologies and applications that will transform education, medicine, safety, and much more. AI may produce things we can’t even imagine yet.

Teaming up to Deploy Israel's First Autonomous EV Ride-Hailing Service

You’ve probably already heard of SaaS. Maybe IaaS. Even PaaS. Well, here’s another “as a service” acronym: Meet MaaS. Mobility-as-a-Service will soon arrive in Israel as Volkswagen, Mobileye, and Champion Motors team up to create a self-driving ride hailing service. These driverless electric vehicles will roll out in 2019 as part of a full-stack MaaS offering with a seamless rider experience.