This Week in Technology Innovation and Trends

To power same-day delivery, Amazon’s turning to artificial intelligence. Satellites are getting smarter and helping detect wildfires faster with a new algorithm. Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are coming to the workplace and leading to some interesting changes. AI predictions for 2019 are in, and consumers could see significant benefits. And HPC simulation has a ton of useful applications that could soon be available to many more users.

Optimized Prime: How AI and Anticipation Power Amazon's 1-Hour Deliveries

Optimizing same-day and even same-hour shipping might sound like it requires a robot superhero capable of changing shape as needed. But since Optimus Prime wasn’t available, Amazon has turned to AI technology to predict what customers will want, when they’ll want it, and where it should ship from. This tech is essential, and believe it or not, some robots are actually involved (although not of the transforming variety).

Future Wildfires Will Be Fought With Algorithms

The tactics for fighting wildfires could soon get pretty high tech. Today, satellites work to detect fires, but the process of capturing imagery and processing the data takes hours. Now a new algorithm that runs on satellites could process this data in a matter of minutes with 98% accuracy, which could have a significant impact on the speed of the firefighting response.

VR, AR, and MR: The Fourth Transformation—and What It Means for UK Businesses

What if instead of video chatting with co-workers in other locations you could AR or VR chat? It would look like you’re in the same room, which would be pretty cool (aside from the fact you’d need to get out of your pajamas to take a call from home). This type of tech has many applications in the workplace, and businesses that are already on board say AR/VR/MR have exceeded their expectations.

4 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch for in 2019

The experts have gazed into their crystal balls and predict AI is going to have some useful real-world applications in the coming year. Siri and Alexa will get smarter, as will chatbots and virtual agents. Consumers will likely continue to embrace this technology, especially as it continues to show benefits in their daily lives. So keep an eye on these trends as you gaze into the new year.

Book Your Intel Booth VIP Tour at the 2018 Gartner IT IOCS Conference

From December 3–6, IT professionals will descend on the Vegas strip to network and prepare for the digital future—and Intel is offering the VIP treatment. We’re not talking about free tickets to Magic Mike Live or comped hotel suites, but something even better. Book your VIP tour of the Intel booth today, where you’ll see demos of Intel architecture-based solutions from key Intel partners and discover future-driven technologies to enhance vital aspects of your business now.

Bringing HPC Simulation and Modeling to the Masses

You can learn a lot from a dummy, like the importance of buckling your seatbelt. But you can learn even more from computer-simulated crash test scenarios powered by high-performance computing. HPC enables all kinds of simulations, and technology advancements are bringing down the barriers to this kind of computing to facilitate even more insights. We’ve come a long way since the days of crash test dummies.