This Week in Technology Innovation and Trends

Achieving real cybersecurity may require something the tech industry doesn’t often do: slowing down. Researchers are trying to help AI better understand subtext. Intel lit up parts of the Super Bowl (literally) and gave fans a unique look at the game. Researchers in the United Kingdom are using Intel tech to better understand the universe. And with Intel OPA, we’ve increased our contribution to the TOP500 supercomputers.

Improving Cybersecurity Means Taking More Care With What We Digitize

We’ve adopted the internet really fast, and most of us probably don’t stop to appreciate how fast it’s happened. But consider, even light bulbs and refrigerators are online these days. The problem with this fast adoption, though, is once information is digital, it’s almost impossible to guarantee it’s secure. So while being speedy is the way of the tech world, achieving real cybersecurity might actually require slowing down.

Artificial Intelligence Is Learning Not to Be So Literal

Do you remember that episode in “The Big Bang Theory” where Leonard holds up a sign that says “sarcasm” when the real meaning of a statement goes over Sheldon’s head? AI has some similar struggles, often missing things like tone, idioms, and conversational nuances. But researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are tackling this problem so AI won’t get lost in conversations.

Intel Technology Enhances Super Bowl LIII Viewing Experience and Halftime Show

Did you notice the 150 drones lighting up the Super Bowl halftime show last weekend? Intel’s Shooting Star drones put on a pretty impressive light show. If the halftime show isn’t really your thing, some cool Intel tech played a big role during the game, too. Intel True View at Mercedes-Benz Stadium allowed fans to analyze plays from multiple angles and even see the game from the players’ perspectives.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe With HPC

Durham University in the U.K. may have put together a promising recipe for getting to the bottom of the universe’s secrets. Researchers are using a combination of technologies—including Intel Xeon Gold 5120—that provides the horsepower they need to solve large problems. So maybe someday soon we’ll know if 42 really is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.

Intel Omni-Path Architecture Increases TOP500 Contribution

Big news: Intel increased its contribution to the TOP500 by powering some of the fastest supercomputers in the world with Intel Omni-Path Architecture. Intel OPA is also the interconnect of choice for the world’s six fastest academic clusters. We’re excited to continue enabling AI, HPC, and deep learning workloads in 2019.