This Week in Technology Innovation and Trends

Cows connected to 5G? Yep, that’s a thing now. Another thing: AI boosting yields, lowering herbicide use, and a bunch of other cool stuff in agriculture. Meanwhile, as autonomous driving tech advances, we’ll need an industry standard for safety. Mobileye aims to make the roads safer, too, with a new driver assistance system that digitizes the social contract we all agree on (whether or not we’ve given it much thought). The semiannual conference where Intel shares the latest and greatest news about new technologies is almost here, and you can sign up for it today.

5G-Connected Cows Test Milking Parlor of the Future

Just when you thought everything had been connected to the internet, they went ahead and connected cows. Cisco is developing network infrastructure in rural areas, which includes cows wearing 5G-connected collars that control a robotic milking system. It’s an example of what’s possible for 5G in rural communities. What will they think of next?

AI In Agriculture: A Powerful Force For Good

AI has arrived at the farm. Farmers are using AI-driven robotics to feed more people with less land and fewer workers. One commercial greenhouse in Ohio uses AI algorithms to boost yields, while a manufacturer of tractor technology uses computer vision and AI to see crops in the field and lower herbicide use. The future of farming may look way more high-tech than you think.

Autonomous Driving: Safety First

Getting people on board with new technology can be tough. (Just ask Facebook’s newsfeed.) In the case of autonomous driving, people need to be convinced of the safety of these vehicles, and to get there, we need to tackle a bunch of technological, legal, and philosophical issues. In short, we need an industry standard for safety.

Digitizing the Social Contract for Safer Roads

Like it or not, we have to trust other drivers to navigate the rules of the road together. Mobileye has taken this largely unspoken social contract and digitized it with the Vision Zero driver assistance system, which helps humans avoid emergency responses, promotes cautious driving, and makes the roads safer. Maybe this will give us a little more confidence in all those other cars?

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