This Week in Technology Innovation and Trends

  • AVs tackle one of the world’s toughest driving environments
  • A call for DEI in AI now
  • Robots team up with humans at the Tokyo Olympics
  • How curiosity drives innovation
  • The technology powering healthcare’s digital future

Mobileye Now Testing AVs in New York City

Mobileye has taken to the streets of New York City to demonstrate the vast capabilities of its AV technology and move the industry one step closer to commercial readiness. Check out the video to see how these vehicles navigate the highly congested NYC streets and what they’ve learned so far.

Intel's Huma Abidi on the Urgent Need for Diversity and Inclusion in AI

Even though women comprise half the world’s population, massive gaps still persist when it comes to representation in tech. Ahead of last week’s Transform 2021 event, Huma Abidi, senior director of AI software products and engineering at Intel, spoke with VentureBeat about her experiences with DEI and what it will take to transform the AI industry for the next generation of women, particularly BIPOC.

Smart Robots Lend a Hand During the Tokyo Olympics

Joining the many athletes participating in this year’s Tokyo Olympics is a fleet of robots whose job is to make sure the event runs smoothly. Toyota Motor Corporation has partnered with the International Olympic Committee to supply the Olympic Games with robots that can handle specific jobs—such as visitor interaction and in-game assistance—to improve the athlete, coach, and staff experience.

Intel’s Lisa Spelman on the Interconnectivity Between Curiosity and Innovation

Lisa Spelman, Corporate VP and GM of Intel Xeon Products, knows a thing or two about being curious. In this interview with HBR’s Julie Devoll, Lisa shares her thoughts on the relationship between curiosity and innovation, how she encourages curiosity within Intel, and the technological innovations she feels have the most potential to change the world.

The Healthcare and Life Sciences Digital Future Is Here Today

From preventive care to aftercare, next-gen technologies can now be found in each stage of a patient’s healthcare journey. With a patient-first, data-anywhere approach, Dell Technologies is supporting the future of digital healthcare by providing the tools clinicians need to deliver smarter, safer patient care throughout this complex journey.