This Week in Technology Innovation and Trends

Take AI computing to the edge. Accelerate discovery with HPC and AI. Takeaways from SAP TechEd 2019—from both sides of the pond. A new generation of Xeon processors. And using AI to support the visually impaired.

Take Your Machine Learning Workloads to the Edge? Yes, Says Intel

Coke or Pepsi? Dogs or cats? The cloud or the edge? While it’s obvious that Coke is the better tasting beverage and cats are the superior pet, the debate between the cloud or the edge is a little less cut and dry. That’s because one will likely never replace the other as both have their own benefits to offer.

Lenovo and Intel Extend HPC and AI Collaboration With the Flatiron Institute

Scientists: They’re just like us. Well, at least in the sense that they also get annoyed by slow computing. To support discovery, Intel, Lenovo, and the Flatiron Institute will continue their work toward accelerated convergence of HPC and AI. Researchers don’t have all day for a cosmological simulation to load!

Enabling AI Acceleration With Intel Xeon W and X-Series Processors

The new lineup of Intel Xeon processors packs more AI-acceleration punch than ever before. Crafted with content creators and PC enthusiasts in mind, Intel Xeon W-2200 and X-series processors are targeting availability in November. They’ll also come with a new pricing structure for increased accessibility.

The Sound of Money: Using Intel Technology to Build a Cash Recognition App

The Bird Box Challenge was a short-lived cultural phenomenon, but not everyone had the privilege of taking off their blindfolds when it passed. People with visual impairments encounter daily challenges most of us don’t even think twice about. Here’s how one Nepalese developer is using AI to help.

Intel Highlights From SAP TechEd 2019

Whether attendees took their SAP TechEd 2019 with some tapas on La Rambla or some gambling on the Strip, they all walked away with a common vision for the future of intelligent enterprise. The role of tech in extracting business value from operational data and experiential data was one of several takeaways.