This Week in Network Transformation News

Transformations all look sharper and more vivid in hindsight, and eventually the pre-5G era will look starkly different than what came after. That’s true everywhere, including Southeast Asia and Australia, which are rapidly transforming. Network operators still have a lot of work to do, though, and new hardware like Intel’s XMM 8160 is ready to deal with the new standards that will change everything, including the kind of media we consume daily.

5G Is Close to Becoming the New Normal—and It’ll Change Everything

Picture this nightmare: You need to contact someone. You pick up a phone and press each digit. The phone rings. You leave a message. Maybe they’ll call back later. That nightmare of uncertainty was the world before cellular technology transformed it. 5G will also transform today’s world, and perhaps our age look dark and primitive to future generations, just as we look back to the age of landlines with dread and despair.

From Follower to Leader: Digital Transformation and the Road to 5G in Southern Asia-Pacific

One of the earliest human expansions 65,000 years ago was to Southeast Asia and Australia. Iceland, on the other hand, wasn’t settled until a thousand years ago. Nowadays, some of the oldest human areas on Earth are embracing some of the newest technology, and Southeast Asia is again a hub for excitement and transformation. Hopefully Iceland won’t have to wait as long this time around.

3 Ways Network Operators Can Capture 5G Success

New technologies don’t just knock on your door and say, “Hello! It’s me, a revolution in communication and infrastructure! What can I do for you?” You have to take steps to make the most of them. Network operators will have to take active steps to ensure quality for their customers, and that means dealing with monitoring, customer service, and complexity.

Intel's New XMM 8160 5G Modem Brings Us Closer to Standalone 5G

Eons ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, computers didn’t have integrated modems. Eventually mammals evolved, theropods turned into birds, and modems became a normal computer thing. Intel’s XMM 8160 is the result of years of evolution, and it’s specifically adapted to 5G NR standards. Just like the feather-sporting archaeopteryx, it’s a vision of a future about to take flight.

The 5G Effect

If movies were just stage plays with cameras pointed at them, they’d be pretty boring. Instead, they’re adapted to the particulars of their medium. 5G isn’t just going to make existing media faster; it’s going to make new ones like streaming gaming, VR, and telemedicine more viable. It won’t just enhance. It’ll transform.