This Week in Network Transformation News

To operate in the digital economy and make customers happy, communication services providers should try operating in digital time. If there’s one thing we can confidently say about the future of the IoT, it’s that cellular connectivity will play an important role. 5G retail robots are coming, people. Maybe not tomorrow, but AT&T and Badger Technologies are working to make it happen. Intel and Ericsson have teamed up to improve a key network element. And Mark Fisher from Qwilt, maker of an open edge CDN, joins Chip Chat to discuss creating a more immersive media world.

Operating in Digital Time: An Agile Future for CSPs

What do communication services providers need to do to compete in the digital economy? Operate in digital time. Which is another way of saying they need to be agile, be proactive, and enable customers to make the most of their data. By providing the services companies need quickly, they help these organizations operate more efficiently and adapt as needed. And these efforts may leave people pleasantly surprised by what service providers can deliver.

What Role Will Cellular Connectivity Play in the Future of IoT and M2M Connections?

Let’s look into our crystal ball for a minute and consider the future of the IoT. Unlike when Professor Trelawney and the Harry Potter gang peer into a cloudy orb, things here look pretty clear: Cellular connectivity will play an important role in the IoT, especially for high-value applications where constant connectivity is critical (think autonomous vehicles or drones). Getting to this connected future may not be as easy as waving a wand, but we can get there.

Get Ready for the 5G Retail Robots!

Retail robots sound pretty cool, right? You know what would make them even cooler? 5G. That’s what AT&T and Badger Technologies think, at least. They’re testing robots that identify out-of-stock items, misplaced items, and in-store hazards, and they want to demonstrate that 5G can improve data processing efficiency. You may not see the robots in a store near you any time soon, but rest assured that the technology is in the works.

User Plane Innovations Enable Profitable 5G Service

News that should surprise no one: Mobile data traffic is growing fast, and that means network operators need to find ways to support higher throughputs and for new and enhanced applications. Intel and Ericsson have teamed up to enhance a key network element that can help make this possible: the user plane. And their efforts have resulted in reduced footprint and cooling costs, too.

Changing the Content Delivery Game

The journey from bare metal to virtualized content delivery network might feel unclear to some, but Mark Fisher, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Qwilt, offers his take on how service providers and cable operators can get there. Plus, he shares insights into how Qwilt and other Streaming Video Alliance members are driving the evolution toward a world of truly immersive media.