This Week in Network Transformation News

Intel’s Lynn Comp spoke at IBC2019 about addressing growing demands for video processing and distribution. 5G is more than just a wireless network; it’ll be a key enabler of the Smart Factory. How can companies lower the total cost of ownership for visual cloud services like video streaming? Technologists are on the case. The Intel Network Builders Partner Summit is coming up fast, and with it a chance to learn about the future of network infrastructure from industry experts. And see how Intel is preparing to support the next era of computing and service delivery, right at the bleeding edge of innovation.

Intel Drives Visual Cloud Innovation at IBC2019

No surprise here: Demands for sophisticated video processing and distribution keep increasing. To address these demands, Intel is investing in scalable architectures. Lynn Comp, VP of the Data Center Group and GM of the Visual Cloud Division at Intel, spoke about these trends at the first “Visual Cloud Conference” in Amsterdam and the role of Intel hardware in visual cloud services.

5G: The Carrier-Grade Digital Infrastructure for the Software-Defined Factory of the Future

5G won’t just be a fancy wireless network. It’ll be a key enabler and part of the infrastructure of the Smart Factory. 5G can provide the reliable, interoperable carrier-class digital infrastructure needed to make factory floors and production lines truly smart, and it will do so using wireless technology. It’ll also help factories become more than just factories. They’ll become cyber-physical systems.

Unlocking Lower Total Cost of Ownership for Visual Cloud Services

The average person paying $12.99 a month for Netflix (or something similar for their streaming service of choice) probably doesn’t give a whole lot of thought to what’s happening behind the scenes. But handling all those visual cloud services isn’t cheap, and technologists are looking for ways to reduce costs for preparation and—more importantly—distribution, which makes up the bulk of the costs.

Register for the Intel Network Builders Partner Summit

What are the latest technologies driving the evolution of network infrastructure, the edge, and 5G services, you ask? You’re in luck because the Intel Network Builders Partner Summit (in conjunction with SDN NFV World Congress) is happening Oct. 14 at The Hague. Register today to hear from industry experts and expand your technical skills.

Edge Computing, the Next Great IT Revolution

In case you’ve been hitting the snooze button for the past few years, it’s time to wake up to the dawn of the data-centric era. Intel and its partners have been working ‘round the clock to accelerate network transformation from the data center to the edge in order to deliver on the promise of higher bandwidth and lower latency. And because edge computing represents the future of computing and service delivery, here’s how Intel is preparing to support it.