This Week in Network Transformation News

Metaphor alert: Data is the new gold, and mobile carriers can take advantage of it with the right algorithms. When 5G arrives, retailers will feel the impact—if they plan ahead to leverage technology. Speaking of 5G, it (and the IoT) may start pushing computing to the edge. Ericsson and Intel have teamed up to improve a key part of networks. And on Chip Chat, MobiledgeX’s CMO sums up the state of the edge.

Building the Mobile Carrier of the Future With AI

Data is the new ______. Oil. Currency. Gold. Pick your metaphor. Let’s go with gold for the moment, because if data is the new gold, mobile carriers are sitting on a goldmine. To actually extract the shiny stuff, though, they need to apply machine learning algorithms to real-time data so they can find patterns, infer behavior, and ultimately provide better services.

As 5G Looms, Retail Possibilities Become Clearer

5G is coming to a store near you, and no, that’s not just hype. Once 5G deploys, early use cases will likely come from grocery stores (think Amazon Go and the cashierless store). Down the line, we could see a much more high-tech, user-focused shopping experience where augmented reality has a significant role. All this means retailers need to start thinking critically about how they leverage technology.

How the One-Two Punch of 5G and IoT Pushes Edge Computing

In the third season of “Stranger Things,” everyone’s talking about the mall, but they’re not thinking about what’s going on behind the scenes. (Confused? Then you clearly have some binging to do.) In the real-life tech world, everyone’s talking about the IoT and 5G, but they’re also missing a key point—how faster connections will move users toward edge computing. Sounds like it’s time for everyone to take a closer look at things.

User Plane Innovations Enable Profitable 5G Service

They’re at it again. Ericsson and Intel have once again teamed up to improve networks, this time by enhancing a key network element: the user plane. By utilizing Intel processors, Ericsson has reduced user plane throughput, resulting in lower footprint and cooling costs. As traffic grows, operators will need to balance energy demands, and this solution could help.

Making Edge a Reality

Remember when The Edge was just the name of the guitarist from U2? These days, the edge is a growing type of computing. In this recent episode of Chip Chat, Geoff Hollingworth, Chief Marketing Officer at MobiledgeX, discusses the state of the edge, its relationship to 5G, and how developers can leverage it. Still haven’t found what you’re looking for at the edge? Don’t worry—Hollingworth says there are plenty of opportunities within telecom.