This Week in Network Transformation News

Future-savvy enterprises look to 5G for digital transformation. Samsung hits 305Gbps on its 5G SA Core. Enterprises are now able to launch their own 5G edge services in minutes. Intel gets ready to showcase new world-changing technology at CES 2021. And seven Intel leaders make their predictions about the edge.

Transforming the Enterprise With 5G Technology

In this new era of ultrafast, high-bandwidth networks, 5G will be a critical enabler of digital transformation. These emerging technologies—including edge computing and the virtualization of networks—will provide the foundation for new products, services, and processes that will keep enterprises ahead of the curve, but only for those that are ready to seize the day ... today.

Samsung Achieves 305Gbps on Its 5G SA Core

Last month, Samsung—with help from some underlying Intel tech—reached a 5G SA Core data processing capacity of 305Gbps per server. According to Intel’s Alex Quach, “This milestone ... is a verification of how strong industry collaboration and the use of innovative technologies can enhance performance to accelerate this transition and pave the way to new network and edge services.”

Webinar: How Enterprises Can Launch 5G Edge Services in Minutes

With the advent of 5G, AI, and other technologies, edge computing is now emerging as the new frontier of innovation and disruption. Catch up with this on-demand webinar to hear Ganesh Sundaram, founder and CEO of AlefEdge, discuss how enterprises can take advantage of new Edge-as-a-Service abstractions to deploy their own on-campus and off-campus 5G edge services in just minutes.

Intel at CES 2021

What better way to kick off the new year than with the all-digital CES 2021, starting January 11? Join the hottest party on the internet to take a tour of Mobileye’s garage-lab in Jerusalem with CEO Amnon Shashua, hear from Gregory Bryant about how Intel is driving technology leadership to define the future of computing, and much more from Intel’s featured speakers.

Intel’s 2021 Predictions for the Edge

Analysts predict that in the next two years, roughly 75 percent of data will be generated outside the data center and 50 percent of that data will be processed, stored, and analyzed at the edge. As AI becomes more ubiquitous and networks transform to deliver 5G, these seven Intel leaders say the edge will be there every step of the way to drive business value and improve our lives.