This Week in Network Transformation News

Hear insights from Intel experts about the future of networks and learn about Intel Labs’ research into wireless time-sensitive networking. Then get the details about work on an evolved 5G NFV platform, solutions for containerized network functions in edge computing, and the future role of Wi-Fi 6 in the enterprise.

Webinar: The Future of Networks—From Edge to Cloud

Demand on networks will only grow as traffic and data increase and workloads like AI become more prevalent. Don’t miss this webinar on October 8 where leaders from Intel’s Connectivity Group will discuss where network technology is trending and Intel’s plan to drive end-to-end connectivity from the edge to the cloud.

Wireless Time-Sensitive Networking

In the world of computing, being on time isn’t just a matter of convenience—it’s essential. Smart factories, autonomous systems, virtual reality, and other applications all depend on accurate time and bounded latency computing and communications. So Intel Labs is leading research of wireless time-sensitive networking technologies to transform networks and ensure timeliness.

SK Telecom, Samsung, HPE, Intel Partner on 5G NFV Development

An evolved 5G network functions virtualization platform is on the horizon. SK Telecom, Samsung, HPE, and Intel have teamed up to develop this new platform, establish a standardized process for NFV adoption, and develop technologies that can harness this virtualized network’s capabilities.

Webinar: CNF Friendly Networking for Telco/Edge Kubernetes Platforms

Containerized network functions in edge computing have some unique requirements, and Kubernetes ecosystems can address these challenges. Join engineers from Intel and for this September 24 webinar to learn about these requirements and find out how Kubernetes platforms are evolving to support telco/edge deployments.

Wi-Fi 6: Expanding the Role of Wi-Fi in the Enterprise

What does Wi-Fi 6 offer enterprises? And what role will it play in the future? It turns out the next generation of Wi-Fi is an even better fit for the enterprise, enabling better voice and data connectivity and supporting new IoT and IIoT use cases. Learn what to expect from this tech and how it will complement 5G.