This Week in Network Transformation News

Edge transformation isn’t something you can buy and use right out of the box, but you can easily start with four key pillars. Intent-based networking—the hot new buzz phrase—could get a boost from AI and machine learning. Intel’s working to simplify transformation in multi-vendor networks through a variety of initiatives. An exciting acquisition will help Intel focus on end-to-end cloud networking. Plus, Intel’s involved in the transformation of RAN networks, which will be important for 5G.

The 4 Pillars of Service Edge Transformation

Write these four pillars down and keep them in your back pocket. (Okay, yes, it’s 2019. So make a note in your app of choice.) Transforming your edge network should involve the right virtualization platform, next-gen network fabric, and some automation, regardless of your market. So start your edge network evolution here.

Why Cisco Will Use AI/ML to Boost Intent-Based Networking

Hot new buzz phrase coming your way: intent-based networking. Through ML and advanced orchestration, IBN reduces the complexity of network management, and Cisco plans to boost IBN and optimize network performance using artificial intelligence. Cisco CTO John Apostolopoulos explains four key factors of IBN environments and how AI/ML can provide a boost.

Reducing Complexity in Multi-Vendor Network Transformation

Speaking of complexity in networks: Intel is working with partners across the networking industry to minimize it in multi-vendor network transformation, collaborating to create standards, enable automation and AI, prioritize security, and much more. The arrival of the data-centric era may bring complexity, but you can be ready for it.

Intel to Acquire Barefoot Networks, Accelerating Delivery of Ethernet-Based Fabrics

Exciting news: Intel has made an acquisition that will support its focus on end-to-end cloud networking and deliver new capabilities for data center customers. Navin Shenoy, Intel executive VP and GM of the Data Center Group, describes the acquisition of Barefoot Networks and how it will speed up ethernet-based fabric delivery.

5G and Infrastructure Readiness Will Evolve in Stages Especially in the RAN

To handle increased 5G traffic, radio access networks will need more capacity. But will the RAN transformation happen slowly (like the transition from the Triassic to the Mesozoic era), or quickly (like when the asteroid hit the earth)? More likely, it will happen in stages, and Intel’s portofolio of wireless IP and devices can help move progress along at a reasonable pace (safe for any dinosaurs involved).