This Week in Network Transformation News

Intel has capped off another Mobile World Congress full of demos, announcements, and partnerships that show the 5G revolution is in full swing. Intel’s also helping companies like Rakuten and the National Hockey League turn their data into better customer experiences. Wi-Fi 6 promises to make smart homes even smarter. AT&T has developed a program that will allow Intel and others to test 5G use cases on its network. Speaking of networks: Intel’s thinking inside the box when it comes to smart cities.

MWC 2019: Intel Showcases New Products and Partnerships Accelerating the 5G Revolution

Another year, another successful Mobile World Congress. And when we say “successful,” we mean earthbending. Once again, Intel was on-hand to demonstrate how the cloud, devices, and edge computing are fueling network transformations and unlocking limitless opportunities for 5G. A sample platter before you dive into the buffet: smarter 5G base stations, new FPGAs designed to accelerate VNFs, and enhancements to Intel’s 5G modems.

Edge, Cloud, and 5G: Monetizing Data for Customer Value

Remember the scene in “There Will Be Blood” when Daniel Plainview strikes oil for the first time? That’s what’s happening to the communications industry (but with fewer eccentric preachers). The data-centric spirit was alive and well at Mobile World Congress, where Intel showed how it’s helping companies—in this case Rakuten Mobile Network and the NHL—capture, move, and monetize data to create new experiences and services that deliver even more value to their customers. Milkshakes for all!

The Best Time to Deploy Wi-Fi 6 Is Right Now

Let’s pump the brakes on 5G for a minute to hit on something a little closer to home, i.e., the connected home. Wi-Fi 6—the next leap forward in wireless connectivity based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard—will spur smart home innovation, create a better experience for the end user, and yes, complement 5G to deliver fast, seamless connectivity. And because customers are feeling the need (the need for speed), now’s the time to deploy the Wi-Fi 6-enabled routers and gateways that will make it happen.

AT&T Partners With Vodafone on Automotive IoT, Announces 5G Innovation Program

Speaking of speed, technology providers are fastly(?) and furiously working to deliver solutions for connected cars. AT&T and Vodafone have announced a new partnership that will focus on delivering IoT applications for automotive safety, security, and entertainment. Bonus: AT&T also announced a new 5G innovation project in which Intel and other key players will be able test use cases for entertainment, education, gaming, navigation, retail, and sports on AT&T’s live mobile 5G network.

MWC 2019: Intel’s "Network in a Box" for Smart Cities

What happens when you combine AI, antennas, edge computing, and 5G into one compact box? Magic. But you also get an impressive networking multitool of sorts, which could be a big deal for smart cities, retail, entertainment, and more. Right now Intel is experimenting with the “network in a box” concept, but we could see real-world use cases in the not-too-distant future.