This Week in Network Transformation News

The average person already has more than a few connected devices, and we’re just going to accumulate more. Intel and Comcast ushered in a new era of connectivity at CES, and T-Mobile demonstrated the viability of new spectrums. 5G is enabling big IoT growth in retail, so much that it’ll soon be a household name. Better connectivity is more than just hype, though. We have numbers: New Wi-Fi is poised to blaze in at 10 Gbps.

2019 CES: Comcast, Intel to Redefine Home Connectivity, New Immersive Experiences

By 2022, the average North American will have 13 or more connected devices. Providing the necessary connectivity for all the phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, fitness devices, smart homes, smart speakers, smart socks, smart toasters, smart fridges, and self-driving cars we’re all going to have is going to require somewhat faster Wi-Fi. Fortunately, Comcast and Intel are on it!

T-Mobile Marks 5G Milestone With First Data Call on 600 MHz Spectrum

T-Mobile just made a phone call! This is a bigger deal than it sounds like, because it was a call on the 600 MHz band, a spectrum pretty important to 5G. The 600 MHz band is like a swoopy parkour athlete, zooming through buildings, dodging around obstacles, and not letting little things like line-of-sight slow it down. It’s fast, it flows, and it promises smoother, faster connectivity in the near future.

5G: The Next Retail Disrupter Is on the Horizon

To go from a flashy trend to a household name, a band, actor, entertainer, or even a retail store often needs a big break. For the IoT, that big break could be 5G. 5G will result in virtually zero lag time for smart devices, and as a result, we’ll likely see more tech like smart mirrors and facial recognition in retail. So get ready for the IoT in retail to become something everyone’s talking about.

5G Changing the World

5G is not like other, earlier Gs. 3G and 4G were mostly about mobile devices (which, to be fair, are still pretty cool) but 5G will transform billions of devices, many of which are not anything close to resembling phones. It’s designed to connect one million devices per square kilometer, lighting up whole landscapes and vistas with sweet, sweet data and connectivity.

Beyond Speed: Building the Ultra-Connected Future With 10 Gigabit Technology

Years ago, back in the halcyon days of 2010, 100 Mbps seemed very fast. We were young and naive then, and knew not what true speed and connectivity would be. Now, with the innocence of youth behind us, we see the meaning of true speed: 10 Gbps. Fortuitously, this truly fast connectivity can be deployed over existing connections, bringing real speed to cities without new infrastructure.