This Week in Network Transformation News

5G is putting on its best tie and matching it with just the right pocket square, because next-gen networks are all about business. Turns out you can’t have a true digital transformation without a healthy measure of network transformation. Verizon is busy transforming its own network (and cutting its latency in half for good measure). The FCC will begin auctioning off high- and mid-range spectrum to mobile operators sometime this year. And Mobile World Congress promises to be more exciting than last weekend’s pigskin match and the Oscars combined (because—5G).

5G Initial Use Cases Are Going to Be All About Business

While the average Joe or Jane may be looking forward to 5G speeding up online gaming experiences, businesses are antsy to see what it can do for them. The forecast indicates they won’t be disappointed with next-gen networks enabling more business models, enhancing analytics and the IoT, and touching multiple industries. Looks like 5G’s ready to get down to business.

Why Network Transformation Is Foundational for Digital Transformation

Wait! Don’t leave just because you saw the term “digital transformation.” Yes, it’s been used to death like the words “amazing” and “literally,” but consider this: All the technologies that enable digital transformation—namely cloud, IoT, and mobile—are network-centric in nature. That means digital transformation can’t happen (or at least happen effectively) without network transformation. Are you literally amazed?

Verizon Puts Low Latency Together: 5G, MEC, and an Intelligent Edge

Normally, cutting things in half doesn’t go over well. Just ask any four-year-old who’s expected to share a Twinkie with their younger sibling. Verizon, on the other hand, just sliced its network latency in half with a 3-stroke maneuver involving its 5G RAN, multi-access edge computing, and its virtualized network platform. For a company looking toward 5G-support for its services, that’s tastier than an entire box of Twinkies.

Standards, Spectrum, and Innovative Products Are Finally Making 5G a Reality

Okay, mobile providers: Dust off your best bidding paddles and order your favorite highball, because the FCC is finally ready to auction off all that millimeter-wave spectrum they talked about two years ago. Better news still: It won’t just be high-range bands set to go to the highest bidder this year. Expect to see additional auctions roll out across the mid-band spectrum, too.

Intel Architects the Data-Centric 5G Future at Mobile World Congress 2019

Super Bowl LIII was the lowest-scoring championship game in its history. The Academy Awards is officially moving forward without a host. How about a highly anticipated February event that won’t disappoint? Mobile World Congress is just around the corner, where Intel will be on hand to show attendees how 5G will transform our daily lives. Your move, Tom Brady.