This Week in Network Transformation News

All photonics network infrastructure is coming. 5G and the edge will innovate together. Telcos need to future proof their 5G investments. The internet is turning 50. And 5G will be the mobile generation enterprises have dreamed of.

A New Global Forum Dedicated to Realizing the Communications of the Future

There’s a new global forum on the block, and it’s here to accelerate the adoption of an all photonics network infrastructure to meet our future data needs. The Innovative Optical and Wireless Network Global Forum brings together Intel, Sony, and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation to facilitate next-gen communications.

Driving 5G at the Edge

We bet you can’t come up with two technology trends more compelling and whose potential for innovation is more intertwined than 5G and the edge. And—surprise, surprise—both of these trends are affecting network architectural development. A recent paper from 5G Americas and Intel explores what exactly this means.

From NFV to Cloud Native: Future Proofing Your 5G Investment

If telcos want to future proof their 5G investments, they’ll need to have a clear migration path to cloud native. That’s according to a recent SDN NFV World Congress panel of experts, including Intel’s Sr. Director of Edge Services & Industry Enabling, Renu Navale.

As the Internet Turns 50, Experts Weigh Future Advances and Emerging Issues

Happy birthday, The Internet! You’ve come pretty far in the past 50 years. Genevieve Bell, senior fellow at Intel, points out the internet really started to change our lives around the time Google became a verb. And it will bring many more changes, like pervasive connectivity and maybe brain-computer interfaces.

5G to Have Bigger Impact on Enterprises Than Consumers

Sorry people addicted to your smartphones (so ... everyone), 5G isn’t all about you. Turns out it could be a much bigger deal for enterprises than it will be for consumers, according to a report from GSMA Intelligence. That means telcos will be rushing to meet the needs of these enterprise customers.

A Final Note

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ll be offline Friday, November 29. We’ll be back on December 13 with the latest network transformation news and insights. Thanks! – The Intel Team