This Week in Network Transformation News

Intel and Google accelerate 5G deployments. A Q&A about Open RAN and 5G. HPE paves the way for Open RAN at scale. 5G’s real-world benefits. Teaming up to deliver 5G to high-value verticals.

Intel and Google Cloud Aim to Advance 5G Networks and Edge Innovations

Intel and Google Cloud are teaming up to develop telco cloud reference architectures and integrated solutions for CommSPs to accelerate their 5G deployments across multiple network and edge locations. The partnership, which will focus on three main areas, is a key step in Intel’s journey to help transform the 5G network with a software-defined, agile, and scalable infrastructure.

TelecomTV Strategic Outlook: Realize the Full Potential of Open RAN and 5G

When do we expect to see real commercial deployments of 5G in Standalone Mode? How do we define vRAN versus Open RAN and does the industry fully understand the difference? What role will systems integrators play in OpenRAN and 5G? Get answers to these questions and more in this replay of a live Q&A from TelecomTV’s recent event featuring Intel’s own Cristina Rodriguez.

HPE Paves the Way for Open RAN 5G

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced a new solution created to help telcos and enterprises take advantage of the huge 5G market opportunity with a family of open, interoperable solution stacks. With the introduction of the HPE Open RAN Solution Stack—backed by upcoming 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processors—telcos can now prepare for the commercial adoption of Open RAN at scale.

Breaking Through the Hype: The Real-World Benefits of 5G Connectivity (Podcast)

In this episode of “The McKinsey Podcast,” senior editor Diane Brady speaks with McKinsey partners Michael Chui and Enno de Boer about 5G’s impact in manufacturing, plus how AI, the IoT, and other technologies are fueling businesses amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Read an edited transcript of their conversation here or stream the podcast now.

In Delivering 5G to Verticals, Is a Problem Shared a Problem Solved?

The consensus among telcos is that 5G’s real money spinner will be in selling to high-value verticals like manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. But to effectively deliver these business-specific solutions will take a team effort. Catch a discussion from the recent 5G Transformation Forum to hear how collaboration and strategic partnerships can meet customers’ needs.