This Week in Network Transformation News

Making the most of 5G will require the right tools. Cloud-native design gives the edge a boost. A new white paper explores the 5G/edge possibilities. For telcos, the edge means more than just latency. Plus, Intel has acquired Smart Edge.

The 5G Swiss Army Knife: Tools to Capitalize on the Next-Gen Network Evolution

What’s the most useful tool in a Swiss army knife? Blade? Scissors? Corkscrew? You’ve probably used them all at some point. To make the most of 5G, businesses will also need an assortment of tools—not just one. Watch expert panelists, including Intel’s Bryan Madden, weigh in on what you’ll need.

Intel Takes the Visual Cloud to the Edge

When telcos think about the value of the edge, they think about latency. But the edge is about much more than low latency. Bryan Madden, Intel’s Director of Marketing for Edge and Visual Cloud, emphasizes what else the edge means for telcos, including the ability to move media functions.

Building a Cloud-Native Network From Core to Edge

When you build out on the edge—of a town, a cliff, or a network—you’re stepping outside what’s familiar, so you’ll need to plan for new challenges. Good news: Cloud-native network design can enable edge services, and we’re beginning to see movement toward this virtualized infrastructure and the benefits it brings.

5G Americas: Edge Computing Is Not a One-Size-Fits-All for 5G

There’s a duo we hear a lot about lately, and while they’re not a singing duo, their impact on the world could certainly be off the charts. 5G, edge computing, and their groundbreaking possibilities are the topic of a new white paper from 5G Americas called “5G at the Edge.” So expect to keep hearing about them.

Intel Eyes Leadership in 5G Smart Computing; Acquiring Smart Edge

Everybody’s talking about edge computing, and the conversation will only grow as 5G rolls out. To help address this network transformation, Intel has acquired Smart Edge, a cloud-native platform for multi-access edge computing. Combined with Intel tech, this platform can enable new revenue streams for service providers.