Two Lessons From 2021 for the Industry's "New Normal"

During her recent keynote at IEEE GLOBECOM, Intel’s Asha Keddy shared two lessons she learned from 2021 that pertain to the telecommunications industry: 1) Maintaining global standards and ecosystems is critical to success and 2) we must continue to integrate AI/ML into 5G and beyond. In a new year of more change and innovation, it’s time to put these lessons into practice.

Telefónica Transforms On-Location Video Broadcasts

Broadcast producers face multiple issues when covering live events, like expensive, complicated equipment and issues that come with broadcasting via satellite or 4G. A new proof of concept from Aviwest, Intel, and Telefónica shows that 5G has the potential to transform the industry by enabling flexible and cost-effective multi-camera, remote, live video production.

Webinar: Amplifying Computer Vision With the Power of Edge and Cloud

With CV use cases on the rise, faster image processing and data transfer is the order of the day. In this on-demand webinar, Happiest Minds experts outline a framework leveraging the best of edge and cloud to provide faster output from CV models, resulting in faster decision-making and smoother experiences.

A Game-Changer for Optimizing and Monetizing Networks With New Services

Intel’s Cristina Rodriguez explains how AI in the RAN optimizes networks to generate TCO savings, how AI can help service providers create new revenue streams by offering value-added services, and how Intel delivers the flexibility needed to bring AI to the RAN.

Webinar, 1/25: Intelligent Orchestration and Management of 5G Edge Services

To seize the edge monetization opportunity, service providers must deploy and operate 5G network functions and other workloads on highly distributed, multi-technology edge infrastructures. Yet optimizing and managing these services can be a challenge. On January 25, learn how Amdocs Intelligent Networking Suite can help.