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Making Sense of Multicloud for NFV

In this short video, principal engineer Petar Torre illustrates how Intel’s telecommunications architecture enables seamless migration between clouds and optimal use of network resources, providing a cost-effective solution for CommSPs looking to run their network functions in public data centers.

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Webinar, 8/23: Enabling RAN Intelligence With Red Hat and Intel

5G and ORAN bring AI to network operations, reducing opex, decreasing power consumption, and accelerating agile network functions. On August 23, learn how Red Hat OCP—coupled with Intel solutions—provides a framework that accelerates RAN intelligence and simplifies integration of AI applications for network analytics.

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How Ericsson, Intel, and HPE Are Accelerating vRAN Deployments

As telco cloud disaggregation extends to the RAN, and with network operators spending nearly 80 percent of capex on such deployments, collaboration is the key to greater efficiency. Watch this short video to learn how HPE, Intel, and Ericsson have teamed up to simplify and accelerate vRAN deployments.

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Vodafone Transforms Fixed Access

In digitized operator networks, edge computing success hinges on efficiently steering traffic to the correct application or service. Learn how Intel, Vodafone, and BISDN built a functional lab prototype that demonstrates how using traffic steering on a cloud-native architecture enables rapid response to increases in traffic.

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AI-Driven Dynamic Power Control for Telco Cloud Servers

Most technological components of current and future networks have one thing in common: the need for power. So how do we address power management while maintaining sustainability? In this short video, Intel’s Scott Dai discusses the AI-driven Intel solution that comfortably addresses both issues.

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