Intel Announces New IoT-Focused 12th Gen Intel Core Processors at CES 2022

Meet the new 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, the first processor family enhanced to accelerate IoT application innovation. Featuring increased core counts—as well as advanced graphics/media/display and AI capabilities—these new processors offer retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and digital safety customers a wide range of price, performance, and power.

CES 2022: Top Automakers Double Down on Mobileye

On top of announcing its EyeQ® Ultra SoC for autonomous vehicles, Mobileye has revealed new strategic partnerships with three leading automakers: Volkswagen, Ford, and Zeekr. Take a peek under the hood to see what’s coming as these companies work to transform driver and passenger experiences globally.

Low-Power WAN Yields High Energy Monitoring Solution

Thanks to low-power/long-range networks, more energy companies can deploy IoT-enabled devices for greater visibility into their remote operations. Addressing connectivity issues, Moxa worked with one oil company to deploy a remote monitoring and wireless network backhaul system—now an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution.

Harnessing Open-Source Technologies for Edge Analytics

While edge computing enables data analysis close to the source, saves time, and cuts costs, scalability is an ongoing challenge. In this episode of “To the Edge and Beyond,” learn about Project AIR, an open-source IoT platform designed to help companies collect, process, and visualize their IoT data at scale.

Using IoT to Identify Malfunctioning Commercial Refrigerators

Climate change mandates have hit supermarkets, many of which maintain large, often inefficient refrigeration systems. Advanced sensor technologies—like those found in UST’s Cold Truth solution—are making it easier to identify leaks, track temperatures, and make stores more sustainable.