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Why Intel Is Making Big Bets on Edge AI

Intel's Pallavi Mahajan shares her thoughts on the growing need for Edge AI and how Intel is making AI easier to integrate at scale across the continuum of Edge AI workloads. Also, find out about the top 3 needs for driving the growth of edge computing.

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"Technically Speaking" Podcast: AI and the Future of Retail

Emerging AI technologies continue to shape the future of retail by making shopping easier, seamless, and exciting for customers. Learn what the future holds for in-person retail, including how AI-enhanced technology can streamline shopping experiences and reduce theft, waste, and losses for business owners.

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Intel's Strategy for Network Transformation: A Discussion

Gain insights into how Intel is driving the future of networking as our experts discuss innovation and advancement for Intel's networking architecture platforms. The conversation also delves into how this can enable developers to build next-gen applications and help them participate in the SDN and NFV transition that’s happening in the industry.

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The India AI Perspective

Santhosh Viswanathan, vice president and managing director for the India region, shares insights about the AI software sector's potential in the Indian market. Find out how Indian enterprises are utilizing AI for business growth.

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