This Week in Internet of Things News

What will the IoT look like in 2019? The predictions are coming in. Manufacturers who want to stay ahead of the curve ought to look into IoT technology. Digital advertising outside the home is getting more effective because of IoT connectivity and AI. Wi-Fi customers could see better service in the near future. And a partnership between Intel and Amazon Web Services that uses edge IoT devices could have a positive economic impact on the utilities industry.

IoT in 2019: 5 Predictions

It’s that time of year again. Time for lists of predictions for next year to start coming out. (Yep, it’s November already. The year flew by.) If some of these predictions for the IoT come true, they could have a significant impact on businesses. 2019 could be a transformational year for IoT in the enterprise, so if you’re not ready for the new year, now’s the time to get on it.

How Leveraging the Internet of Things for Manufacturing Can Be a Game Changer

Whether you’re talking about a class’s test grades or how manufacturing businesses use technology, you want to be ahead of the curve. Problem is, manufacturers that don’t implement IoT technology risk falling behind. The good news is there are many ways this technology can be used and plenty of examples for getting started, so you can avoid being the one struggling to get your grades back up.

AI and Automation Are Transforming Digital out of Home Advertising

DOOH—that’s digital out of home advertising, not the sound Homer Simpson makes—is changing fast thanks to digital signage, IoT connectivity, and AI-powered machine vision. Advertisers can track and monitor audience engagement in real time. This technology is also solving some historical challenges of this medium: addressability, accountability, and attribution.

The Top 3 Highlights of Broadband World Forum 2018

Customers are tired of the “have you tried turning it off and on again?” approach to fixing spotty in-home Wi-Fi service. That’s part of the reason Intel announced the new high-speed, multimode 10G PON chipset. This technology will support network upgrades and move Wi-Fi forward for residential customers, so they can keep their connected devices, well, connected and enjoy more immersive experiences than ever.

AWS and Intel Are Enabling IoT Insights in the Power and Utilities Industry

They may not know it yet, but power and utilities executives might soon be doing a happy dance. That’s because edge IoT devices could present a big economic opportunity for these companies. A new partnership between Intel and Amazon Web Services will allow customers to control the energy used in their homes, making energy use more intelligent and giving service providers more customer insights.