This Week in Internet of Things News

Businesses building IoT solutions need to start with top-down business requirements to ensure customers get what they want. 5G is enabling big IoT growth in retail, so much that it’ll soon be a household name. The list of reasons manufacturers are implementing the IoT continues to grow. A tech trio of IoT, 5G, and AI is making smart cities a reality much sooner than you might expect. And an IoT logistics platform from Intel allows real-time visibility into supply chains.

Determining the Top-Down Business Requirements for Deploying IoT

IoT #lifegoal: Make the use of physical things less complicated. To get there, those who build IoT solutions need to start by defining business requirements from the top down before moving forward with technological implementations. Doing so will better help them solve the problems of their target audiences, a key reason why they do what they do.

5G: The Next Retail Disrupter Is on the Horizon

To go from a flashy trend to a household name, a band, actor, entertainer, or even a retail store often needs a big break. For the IoT, that big break could be 5G. 5G will result in virtually zero lag time for smart devices, and as a result, we’ll likely see more tech like smart mirrors and facial recognition in retail. So get ready for the IoT in retail to become something everyone’s talking about.

The Future of the Manufacturing Industry: Technology Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Radical productivity improvements? Check. Predictive maintenance? Yep. Self-optimizing production? That too. The list of reasons for increased IoT adoption in manufacturing is growing, and it will likely help make the predicted 20 billion connected sensors and endpoints by 2020 a reality. Because who doesn’t like the sound of radical productivity improvements?

Building Smart Cities of the Future

The IoT, 5G, and AI are teaming up in smart cities, where they’ll work behind the scenes to improve traffic, safety, health, and much more. In San Diego, a citywide network developed in partnership with Intel will help with traffic management, parking, and pedestrian safety using 3,200 intelligent sensor nodes on street lights. Smart cities aren’t a distant goal anymore; they’re already becoming a reality.

Intel Connected Logistics Platform Helps Prevent Package Loss or Damage in Transit

You might not give a ton of thought to the food supply chain. You go to grocery store and you buy strawberries. You’re glad they look fresh and not moldy. But getting those strawberries to the store in that condition requires a lot of work. The Intel Connected Logistics Platform using IoT tech provides needed real-time visibility into the journey of those strawberries, so stores receive them in good condition.