This Week in Internet of Things News

Intel opened the world’s smartest building. Georgia Pacific deployed IIoT with an Intel edge framework. China could soon see electronic autonomous vehicles. ExxonMobil’s digitally transforming. And predictions for the IoT in 2020 are here.

Intel Opens "The Smartest Building in the World" in Israel

If you’ve been impatiently awaiting the arrival of smart buildings, get excited. Intel recently unveiled its highly efficient development center in Israel, an 800,000-square-foot building that runs its own systems, gathers and processes data, and make decisions with AI. It’s the smartest building the world has ever seen.

Intel Provides Georgia Pacific With a Robust Solution for Production Automation

When you’re undertaking a huge task—like deploying IIoT solutions across 150 manufacturing locations—you need to have your act together. The Intel Unified Edge Framework helped Georgia Pacific do just that, providing the guidelines needed to build an enterprise-class edge system for deploying IoT workloads.

Mobileye and NIO to Bring Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles to China and Beyond

Exciting partnership alert: Mobileye and NIO, a Chinese electric vehicle maker, are teaming up to design and build a first-of-its-kind self-driving system that will bring electric autonomous vehicles to consumers in China. This tech will be available to mass markets and ride-sharing services, ushering in a new era of transportation.

How "The Couch" Is Supporting ExxonMobil's Sprint to Digital Transformation

While the image of a couch might bring to mind evenings spent watching Netflix, ExxonMobil’s chief technology architect explains a more innovative kind of couch— whose “cushions” are composed of the Intel IoT Unified Edge Framework—that’s helping his company transform. It might be an unusual way to think about supportive technology, but the results have been positive.

The 5 IoT Predictions Paving the Way for 2020

Prediction season is upon us! So what can you expect from the IoT in the coming year? According to Forrester, 5G that’s more integrated into IoT designs, the rise of multimodal design, connected trucks, and more. We might be on our way to fully connected ecosystems—not just connected products—too.

A Final Note

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ll be offline Friday, November 29. We’ll be back on December 13 with the latest IoT news and insights. Thanks! – The Intel Team