This Week in Internet of Things News

The IoT and 5G are certainly hot topics, but most people are missing a key part of discussion about this tech. What’s the forecast for the IoT’s future? Since there’s not a weather app you can check for that, Intel’s Jonathan Luse offers his perspective. Add AI to the list of technologies powering healthcare these days, along with the IoT. To handle the coming growth of video data from IoT devices, we’ll need more than just the cloud—we’ll need to head to the edge. And the industry has realized it’s time for large-scale IoT deployment standards—so Intel joined an organization that aims to create some.

How the One-Two Punch of 5G and IoT Pushes Edge Computing

In the third season of “Stranger Things,” everyone’s talking about the mall, but they’re not thinking about what’s going on behind the scenes. (Confused? Then you clearly have some binging to do.) In the real-life tech world, everyone’s talking about the IoT and 5G, but they’re also missing a key point—how faster connections will move users toward edge computing. Sounds like it’s time for everyone to take a closer look at things.

Q&A With Intel's Jonathan Luse: How Bright Is IoT's Future, Really?

As the Fisher-Price toy company used to say, “Oh, the possibilities.” But today we’re talking about more than building imaginary worlds with castles, cash registers, or a barn full of animals. Instead we’re talking about the almost endless possibilities for IoT tech in a conversation with Jonathan Luse, GM of Intel IoT. All sorts of sectors could benefit from the IoT, and Intel’s working hard to bring these benefits to life.

Webinar: How AI Is Impacting Patient Outcomes and Improving Operational Productivity

AI’s effects on the healthcare industry are far-reaching, and they’ve only just begun. Join Chris Gough, Worldwide GM for Intel Health & Life Sciences, for a webinar about AI trends in healthcare on Wednesday, July 17. The session, titled “Powering Medicine with AI,” will cover practical approaches to deployment and best practices for adoption. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn more about the future of AI in healthcare.

Intel IoT GM Believes the Cloud Is Not Enough to Face the Oncoming Video Data Explosion

Picture your least favorite highway interchange during rush hour. No one is going anywhere fast. Soon, the internet could be clogged with video data, a problem that could slow down traffic too. Intel’s Jonathan Luse says to keep things moving, we’ll need more than just cloud. Processing will have to take place on the edge.

Intel, Arm to Help Create New IoT Standard for Device Onboarding

A free-for-all might seem fun when you’re in the middle of a food fight in the school lunchroom, but it’s not so much fun when you need to deploy IoT devices at scale. Getting large numbers of devices configured and connected to the cloud is no easy task, so Intel has joined the new IoT Technical Working Group, which aims to create some standards for this growing technology. So let’s put down the mashed potatoes and get to work.