This Week in Internet of Things News

As the IoT grows, so too does edge computing. That’s because you can’t really have one at large scale without the other. Fall’s back, and so is football season—this time with quite a bit of IoT technology. Find IoT security mystifying? We have an e-book for that. There’s another type of network besides 5G that can help smart cities get smarter. The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced a Wi-Fi 6 certification program, and Intel PCs and home routers are ready to help you take advantage of this new era of Wi-Fi technology.

IoT and Edge Computing: The Perfect Match

You can’t have one without the other. That’s what we’ll be saying pretty soon about the IoT and edge computing, anyway. The growth of IoT devices is driving the growth of edge technology because without the edge, it’d be tough for those devices to process the data they gather and reach their full potential. But for this relationship to work, the edge also needs to be reliable, easy to deploy, highly available, and affordable.

How the NFL Is Using IoT

What do football statistics, head injuries, and concession stand placement have in common? If you guessed the IoT (did the fact that you’re reading an IoT newsletter give it away?), you’re right. The NFL is using this technology in all sorts of ways, gathering data about the game on the field, monitoring head injuries with smart mouthguards, and learning how fans behave in stadiums to deliver better experiences. The IoT in football sounds like a win for everyone.

Demystifying Internet of Things Security

When it comes to IoT security, you can’t just stake a sign about your home security system in the front yard and call it good. IoT devices are susceptible to threats both within and outside the network, and there’s no single blanket solution for security. A new e-book written by Intel engineers, “Demystifying Internet of Things Security,” can provide the road map you need so you can sleep well at night knowing your devices are protected.

How a 0G Network Can Make Smart Cities Using IoT That Much Smarter

If you read this headline and thought 0G was a typo, you’re probably not alone. (All the talk about 5G sent your brain that direction, right?) But 0G, a low-bandwidth wireless network for connecting low-powered, low-cost IoT devices to the internet, is cost-efficient and inherently secure, giving it an important role in the future of smart cities.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 Program Launches: Intel Products Are Ready

Say hello to the new era of Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 program is now available, and Intel is ready with Wi-Fi 6 Gig+ solutions for PCs and home routers. Wi-Fi 6 offers security, interoperability, and better connectivity, so it’s no surprise it’s gaining momentum. And this robust certification program for Wi-Fi 6 will help accelerate a wireless technology refresh.