This Week in Internet of Things News

To actually see value from IoT tech at your organization, you need to look at things holistically and start small. IoT developers must keep one thing at the center of all their work: the consumer. The IoT has already changed transportation in many ways, and it has the potential to do a whole lot more. Will manufacturers see positive ROI from IIoT this year? Time will tell (but things look optimistic). And Intel and Cisco are bringing compute and storage to retail stores to help them deploy digitization solutions.

When It Comes to the Internet of Things, Small Things Make a Big Impact

To “slide the IoT dial from buzzword to business value,” businesses may actually be better off starting small with practical uses for IoT technology. A simple, holistic approach and a solid IoT foundation can allow a company to automate tasks and improve data flow. And those things can lead to the actionable insights everyone likes to talk about so much.

The IoT: Usability by Design

IoT developers need to think about consumers all the time. If a device doesn’t have clear benefits for users or it’s not easy to use, do you think people will want it? Of course not. To avoid this scenario, you need to build usability testing into your processes and regularly ask questions about what the device will do, who will use it, and how they’ll use it. Your new mantra: Stay focused on the end user.

5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Transportation

The list of applications for the IoT in transportation keeps growing, and in the near future could include devices that help vehicles navigate roads more safely, alert drivers to maintenance issues, find the fastest route from A to B, and more. Once we fully harness the power of this tech, all kinds of transportation—cars, public transit, trucks, and even planes—will benefit.

(More) Predictions 2019: Better ROI for the Industrial Internet of Things

Could 2019 be the year IIoT improves ROI for manufacturers (for real)? Three big trends in IIoT tech, including the arrival of the digital native factory, could actually make this a reality for many manufacturers. More compute, networking, and storage capabilities will also continue to make factories more intelligent, so keep an eye on how these things play out this year.

Cisco HyperFlex: Coming to a Store Anywhere Near You

Retail has been fighting back against the chorus of “the death of retail,” in part with IoT tech. As use of these technologies in stores increases, there’s also been increasing demand for compute and storage in retail stores. Cisco and Intel have worked together on this challenge, and Cisco’s new HyperFlex Edge will allow retailers to deploy digitization solutions in branch stores.