This Week in Internet of Things News

As the future of edge computing takes shape, we may see more micro modular data centers. But the future of the digital workplace will focus on connected products and processes. The IoT presents big opportunities for a whole array of industries, but are innovators prepared for the risks? The GM of Intel IoT discusses how edge devices are going from smart to intelligent. And Intel IoT’s sales chief gives us a look into his group’s focus on customers and growing IoT portfolio.

What the Future of Edge Computing Means for Cloud and Networks

The future of edge computing is starting to take shape. (Dare we say its edges are becoming more defined?) IoT and application processing needs are driving the growth of micro modular data centers (or MMDCs, if you’re into acronyms). This tech has the potential to enable easier, less expensive edge computing.

How IoT Impacts the Digital Workplace

Important question: What will the future of the digital workplace look like? One business leader at Samsung says it will center around connected products and connected processes. This IoT tech will be human centered, open, and collaborative, and it will likely affect both the physical and digital aspects of the workspace.

Jumping Into the IoT Revolution With Eyes Wide Open

[Insert type of technology here] comes with opportunities and risks. That’s true of pretty much everything, right? And you guessed it: The IoT is no exception. And to make the most of the IoT in any industry (manufacturing, farming, you name it), you definitely need to understand how to mitigate security risks.

Why Intel Expects Dumb IoT Devices to Get Smarter and Smarter

When do you need the data center, and when do you need the edge? It depends where you need your intelligence at. Jonathan Ballon, GM of Intel IoT, offers insight into when you need to process where, and into a future where edge devices aren’t just smart, but fully intelligent.

Intel's New IoT Sales Chief Talks "Customer Obsession" and New Hardware

Intel IoT wants customer feedback, and not in a run-of-the-mill “we value your feedback” kind of way. Intel’s IoT Sales Chief Brad Haczynski says his group is obsessed with delivering customers what they need. In this interview, he also discusses the expansion of Intel’s IoT portfolio and how Intel is driving scale with partners.