This Week in Internet of Things News

Intel and Microsoft take the complexity out of IoT development and improve supply chain insights. Cold chains and railway systems get a boost from the IoT. A conversation about 5G’s real-world benefits.

Intel and Microsoft Partner to Simplify IoT Solutions Development

Microsoft and Intel continue to work together to reduce the complexity of developing IoT solutions with market-ready tools. Download our white paper to learn how IoT developer tools like the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™toolkit—which is optimized for a variety of hardware and works with Azure IoT Central and Azure IoT Edge modules—can help.

How Emerging Technologies Boost IoT Benefits

C.H. Robinson, the world’s largest third-party logistics provider, has leveraged the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform and Microsoft Azure IoT Central to give its customers greater real-time visibility into their shipments’ status and location. It’s just one example of how emerging technologies are improving the capabilities of IoT solutions as they expand into new applications and environments.

Supply Chain Insights Improve Temperature-Sensitive Deliveries

Food and drug manufacturers rely on cold chain delivery systems for visibility into their transported goods. Using sensors, wireless technology, and a cloud-based management system, Intel® IoT Solutions Marketplace partner IMS Evolve has developed cold chain technology that gives companies greater insight into their supply chains while reducing food waste and boosting energy efficiency.

ArcelorMittal: AI-Enhanced Railway Transportation

One major driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a demand for greater efficiency fueled by AI, analytics, and the IoT. See how ArcelorMittal—the largest steel producer in the world—has leveraged the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to identify critical data about its railway cars in Poland and free employees from time-consuming tasks.

Breaking Through the Hype: The Real-World Benefits of 5G Connectivity (Podcast)

In this episode of “The McKinsey Podcast,” senior editor Diane Brady speaks with McKinsey partners Michael Chui and Enno de Boer about 5G’s impact in manufacturing, plus how AI, the IoT, and other technologies are fueling businesses amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Read an edited transcript of their conversation here or stream the podcast now.