This Week in Internet of Things News

Using IoT technology in the enterprise can be cost-effective if you follow some basic advice. The edge is on the rise in the oil and gas industry to provide faster insights from data. Edge computing is also changing the global connectivity landscape, so get ready for some new technology on the block. 5G will bring about all sorts of cool stuff, but also some security challenges for the IoT. AT&T and Uber take to the skies with a new partnership that will make air taxis and cargo-delivering drones a reality.

6 Ways to Make Enterprise IoT Cost Effective

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to deploy IoT tech at your enterprise but struggling with cost, this is the listicle for you. Not all use cases of the IoT might end up making business sense for you, but by following some basic advice for identifying low-hanging fruit, leveraging lower-cost networks, and more, you can see real value from this tech.

Why Moving to the Edge Is Crucial for Oil and Gas Companies to Make Better Use of Data

To see what living on the edge looks like, you might watch “Free Solo.” You might also check out some of the inhospitable locations where the oil and gas industry operates. Now the industry might apply a new meaning to living on the edge, as it moves to gather faster insights from the data gathered in remote locations. That’s not as terrifying as the height of El Capitan, but that’s probably a good thing.

What Impact Will IoT Edge Computing Have on the Data Center Market?

If the global connectivity landscape were a growing U.S. city, IoT edge computing would be a bit like all those new high rise apartment buildings—it’s arriving on the scene quickly and changing the landscape. Edge computing will help handle increasing amounts of data, and it has the potential to be an “innovation trigger.”

IoT Security Concerns Growing as 5G Networks Begin to Roll Out

5G is coming. That’s not as ominous as “winter is coming,” but 5G could have major implications for IoT security. 5G will make the security environment look pretty different, which has executives worried about how to handle new challenges. The good news: Many execs are already making plans to prevent device hacks, encrypt data, and train employees about best practices.

Uber Taps AT&T to Boost Connectivity for Urban Air Taxis, Cargo-Delivering Drones

Nearly four decades ahead of the Jetsons-like vision for 2062, vertical take-off and landing vehicles are slated for commercial debut in 2023. Uber is teaming up with AT&T to get urban air taxis and cargo-delivering drones off the ground. For its part, AT&T will be exploring ways to harness the power of 5G for nearly instant response times.