This Week in Internet of Things News

Join the Intel RealSense event at CES 2021. At the Intel Industry Analyst Summit, Intel reveals its plans for software and manufacturing. Meet Ella, the coffee-slinging, Intel-powered robot. Seven leaders make their predictions about the edge. Intel gets ready to showcase new world-changing technology at CES 2021. And Sameer Sharma encourages other business leaders to learn from a crisis.

Join the Intel RealSense Event at CES 2021

Attending CES 2021? Don’t miss your chance to learn about the latest innovation with Intel RealSense in stereo depth, LiDAR, as well as Intel’s newest products. These three sessions will run concurrently and be repeated each hour on the hour. Join anytime between 9:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m. PST on January 12 and 13 to catch demos and a live Q&A with Intel experts.

Intel Bets Future on Software and Manufacturing

2020 was a banner year for Intel, and certainly came with its challenges. Now with an eye on the future, Intel is poised to retain its position as a leading integrated device manufacturer. Plus, in addition to announcing shipment of the oneAPI Base Toolkit for cross-architecture development, Intel has rolled out software development tools for specialized applications like HPC, AI, IoT, and rendering.

Ella: The Fully-Autonomous Intel-Powered Robotic Barista

Meet Ella, the six-axis robot that takes your coffee order via app, prepares your perfect cup, notifies you when it’s ready, serves it to you, and processes your payment. And while you can only see this Intel-powered robo-barista at Singapore’s Crown Coffee for now, the future of half-caff, no-foam, three-pump vanilla lattes (extra hot!) could soon be in the hands of our AI-driven friends.

Intel’s 2021 Predictions for the Edge

Analysts predict that in the next two years, roughly 75 percent of data will be generated outside the data center and 50 percent of that data will be processed, stored, and analyzed at the edge. As AI becomes more ubiquitous and networks transform to deliver 5G, these seven Intel leaders say the edge will be there every step of the way to drive business value and improve our lives.

Intel at CES 2021

What better way to kick off the new year than with the all-digital CES 2021, starting January 11? Join the hottest party on the internet to take a tour of Mobileye’s garage-lab in Jerusalem with CEO Amnon Shashua, hear from Gregory Bryant about how Intel is driving technology leadership to define the future of computing, and much more from Intel’s featured speakers.

Intel's Sameer Sharma: “Never Let a Crisis Go Waste”

How are business leaders planning to rebuild in a post-COVID economy? Sameer Sharma, Global GM for IoT Solutions at Intel, joins Bitbean’s Charlie Katz to discuss the challenges born from a tumultuous year and how the industry can collectively surmount them. For starters, it’s about learning from a crisis so we’re prepared for the next one.