This Week in Internet of Things News

HPC for IoT-enabled smart cities. New use cases for interactive digital signs. Powering remote work with IoT. Better healthcare with the IoT and AI. And why the edge matters for the WFH world.

High Performance Computing Opens Possibilities for Smart Cities

Fun fact: 1,100 cities worldwide have more than half a million people. After talking with urban dwellers around the globe, Intel IoT found these people want safe cities, efficient transit, and lower environment impact. So Intel’s helping IoT-enabled smart cities make this happen with HPC capabilities.

Interactive Digital Signs Offer Extra Value During Pandemic

Digital signage isn’t just for retail anymore. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve communicated important information about public safety. They’re also poised to grow in the transportation sector, where they can display public transit information, and they offer opportunities to show customizable content.

How IoT Will Power Remote Work and the New Normal

The term “new normal” is already starting to feel a bit overused … sort of like the word “unprecedented.” Regardless of your feelings about terminology, remote work is likely part of the way we’ll work for the long run, and IoT can facilitate this work in manufacturing, healthcare, government, and more.

Hospital IoT Highlighted by AI Use Cases and Wearable Devices

What’s the perfect place for AI adoption? Healthcare. The industry gathers tons of data and already uses plenty of technology like the IoT. Add in AI, and there’s the potential to improve diagnostics, hospital operations, and patient outcomes. Getting to that point will take work, but the results could be big.

Expansion of the Edge: The Preeminent Importance of Edge Computing Today

With more people working and learning from home, we’re all depending on edge technology and IoT devices more than ever. To support this new way of working and living, we need reliable edge networks that are secure, can be remotely provisioned, and meet processing needs.