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Critical Convergence: Uniting Cyber- and Physical Security for Optimal Protection

In today’s threat environment, it’s hard for organizations to have a sustainable, effective security posture in which physical security and cybersecurity are separate. Yet the convergence of the two is the future of the security landscape. Download this free e-book to learn about Intel’s relentless pursuit to protect customer systems and data, including its approach for safeguarding organizations with converged cyber- and physical security.

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How Smart Factories Are Revolutionizing the Industrial Space

AI and autonomous robots already permeate factory floors, but will we soon see robots building other robots or collaborative robots working alongside humans on production lines? In this episode of “IoT Chat,” learn what could be next for industrial digitization, including the tools and technologies enabling manufacturing innovations and what obstacles need to be overcome in order to achieve them.

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Reliability Engineering Helps Intel Cut IT Manufacturing Systems Downtime in Half

Driven by the need to keep manufacturing sites operating at full capacity 24/7, Intel IT set a goal of achieving 99.99% availability (or 0.01% downtime) by 2025. Download this white paper to learn how implementing a reliability engineering approach extends the benefits of resilience to the manufacturing environment, preparing Intel for future adoption of cloud-based microservice environments.

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Software-Defined Processes: The Future of Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is on track to power manufacturing through open software-defined processes, unlocking siloed data and enabling more agile operations. While Scalers AI provides custom AI software for various manufacturing efficiencies, a partnership with Dell Technologies—i.e., PowerEdge XR servers comprising 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors—gives enterprises the performance they need for reliable, rapid edge AI deployments.

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AI Crowd Management Vendor WaitTime Enters Channel Through TD Synnex

WaitTime has announced a strategic partnership with TD Synnex aimed at accelerating adoption of its AI-powered crowd management solutions. TD Synnex's extensive global network and deep expertise in technology distribution will open new markets to WaitTime, which helps clients analyze and manage crowds at sports venues, theme parks, museums, and other entertainment environments in real time.

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