This Week in Executive News

There’s a new member of the C-suite coming to an organization near you. Almost all businesses need cloud services, breweries included. Innovation in the tech world doesn’t have a formula per se, but there are some tips you can follow. Intel’s VP of the Information Technology Organization offers her insights about diversity in tech. And there’s a webinar coming up that will help you plan a hybrid cloud strategy.

Meet the Chief Transformation Officer: 8 Key Tasks for This New Role

Move over CTOs, CMOs, and COOs. There’s a new member of the C-suite: the Chief Transformation Officer. Yep, that’s a thing and it’s becoming more common as enterprises focus on growth initiatives. This role will involve customer journey mapping, business model design, capability assessment, and a whole bunch of other tasks. So it’s worth considering whether your business needs the new kind of CTO.

How New Belgium Brewing Evaluated Managed vs. Private Cloud

When you think about building a brewery (let’s just assume for a minute that’s something you think about), the list of things you think you need probably includes space, equipment, and brewing supplies, but maybe not a private cloud. New Belgium’s director of IT is brewing up more than just beer, though. He explains to ZDNet how he helped deploy a cost-effective private cloud to support the company’s new location.

The 3 Surprising Secrets That Drive Innovation in the Digital Era

Maybe it sounds silly to say innovation has a formula. Just consider all the habits of the world’s famous writers. Who’s to knock Kurt Vonnegut’s habit of doing a lot of pushups, drinking Scotch, and then writing novels? But in the tech world, there are a few key things you can do to drive innovation. If your current method of spurring innovation isn’t working for you, this is a good place to start.

Why Diversity Matters

When we have more diversity in the workforce, we get better offerings and solutions. That’s according to Alyson Crafton, Intel’s VP of the Information Technology Organization, who has more than two decades of experience with Intel. She offers her take on the importance of diversity in the workforce, being a woman in the tech industry, and attracting more women to tech.

Hybrid Cloud Virtual Event: Build a Successful Hybrid Strategy

To succeed in the cloud, you can’t wing it. (This isn’t a high school English or History test where you can B.S. your way through the essay section.) You need an optimized hybrid cloud strategy. Lucky for you, tech leaders from Microsoft and Forrester will offer perspectives about how to advance your hybrid cloud and best practices for doing so in a webinar on March 28. Tune in, and you won’t have to wing it.