This Week in Executive News

Have you ever really, truly thought about what it means to digitally transform? There’s more to it than just installing new systems. That is part of it, though, and Intel is committed to bringing performance and power to memory, storage, and compute. That makes it all the easier to prepare for the upcoming multi-cloud wave. Meanwhile, Intel is transforming its workforce to better represent America, and AI is set to transform marketing.

The 4 Stages of Digital Maturity: How Does Your Organization Rank?

Gobots were not good toys. You just flipped one or two things to transform them and they never looked quite like a robot or quite like a car. They were no Rodimus Prime or Starscream. Good transformation takes effort, and effective digital transformation requires replacing legacy workflows and systems, ensuring you’re less like Cop-Tur and more like Soundwave.

Accelerating Data-Centric Innovation With Processing Performance Leadership

Fixing bottlenecks is one of the best ways to make computers compute faster. That’s true if we’re talking about the machine or mobile device you’re reading this on, and also of giant HPC systems. Intel doesn’t just enhance one thing. We’re developing a silicon foundation for data infrastructure that spans memory, storage, and compute. Bottlenecks can be anywhere, so we enhance performance everywhere.

How IT Leaders Can Plan for the Imminent Multi-Cloud Wave

Preparing for the apocalypse by hoarding a bunch of canned food and ammo in your basement makes you kind of a weirdo, but preppers do have a point: The world is changing and you don’t want to be caught unawares. Preparing for a multi-cloud world means evaluating how you use data and cloud services. It’s less intense than hoarding supplies in your basement, and more effective in the short term.

Full US Workforce Representation Is Just the Beginning for Intel

Ada Lovelace was arguably the world’s first programmer. Grace Hopper is one of the most influential computer scientists of all time, and Katherine Johnson helped us get to space. Intel is committed to creating opportunities for women and people of color, and we’re proud to announce we’ve met our diversity goals. That’s just the beginning, and we hope to give new generations figures to be proud of.

Intel Shares a Broader Perspective on the AI Technology Landscape

AI is coming to marketing. Artificial intelligence allows retail companies to personalize customer recommendations, analyze customer activity like foot traffic, and generally optimize retail experiences. There’s more than one way to build that AI, though. While everyone’s talking about GPUs, don’t count out CPUs: They could just as easily be used to build the AI that makes your shopping experience better.