This Week in Executive News

  • Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger’s IAA Mobility keynote
  • Intel fabs are an investment in EU’s technology leadership
  • 6 key benefits of Intel technology in the cloud
  • Computers that give IT and end users what they want

IAA Mobility 2021: Pat Gelsinger Positions Intel for Future Vehicle Chip Growth

During his keynote at IAA Mobility in Munich this week, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger emphasized that the “digitization of everything” will push the share of automotive silicon dramatically by 2030. Four “superpowers” are driving this demand—ubiquitous compute, pervasive connectivity, cloud-to-edge infrastructure, and AI—and Intel plans to capitalize on this massive opportunity.

Computer Chip Manufacturing Is an Investment in Europe’s Technology Leadership

With plans to build at least two new leading-edge semiconductor factories in Europe, Intel is doing its part to deepen and strengthen collaboration with the EU’s technology leaders. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger outlines how Intel’s new factories (called fabs) will create thousands of additional construction and technical jobs and serve as a cornerstone for Europe’s future as a global technology powerhouse.

6 Key Benefits of Intel Technology in the Cloud

When agility, security, and efficiency is mission-critical, why not work with a company with the experience to make it happen? From expertise in developing cloud computing optimizations for enterprise workloads to intuitive tools for managing cloud environments, here are the six key benefits companies stand to gain by adopting Intel technology in the cloud.

Style and Substance: Computers That Give Both IT and End Users What They Want

Even pre-COVID, companies have felt a growing disconnect between remote teams’ technology needs. While IT teams have their priorities, e.g., the performance and connectivity needed to work within existing IT systems, employees have their own, e.g., easy-to-use, thin-and-light laptops. So how do you give both groups the best of both worlds? With devices built on the Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform.