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The digital transformation means CIOs need to transform, too. If you’re considering testing out an AI project, don’t immediately jump to thinking big; start with the challenges you know well. To navigate a secure cloud transformation, you need a four-step strategy. A new Digital Transformation Index offers a closer look at how companies are actually adjusting. And SAP and Intel have created a place where leaders can go to build skills for their digital transformation.

How the CIO Role Must Change Due to Digital Transformation

Maybe this will come as a surprise, but the digital transformation will require people to transform, too (although sadly there won’t be any literal transformation, like an animagus in Harry Potter). CIOs will need to transform their roles by modernizing their traditional functions, rethinking their relationship to the business, and adjusting the IT operating model. It’s not exactly Professor McGonagall transforming into a cat, but it does require being agile so you land on your feet.

Artificial Intelligence: Examples of How to Start Successfully

Some important pieces of advice for starting an AI project at your business: 1) Bigger isn’t better. 2) Start with your data. You may be tempted to dive into a big, impressive project that shows off AI’s capabilities, but it’s a better bet to start by working on more manageable projects related to problems you already know well. That may not be the flashy approach, but it will help mitigate risk.

Secure Cloud Transformation: A 4-Step Strategy for the CIO

Steering through the clouds is easy enough if you’re an airplane pilot and can rely on your navigational tools. But if you’re a CIO trying to make it successfully through a cloud transformation, you might need to set up your own navigational tools by having a clear plan for the journey. You’ll need to think about collaboration, mobility, security, and more if you’re going to land safely at your intended destination.

Digital Transformation Index: Measuring Business Transformation Progress Around the World

Is the digital transformation actually happening? Are you falling behind? You don’t have to guess anymore. The Digital Transformation Index, put together by Dell Technologies, Intel, and Vanson Bourne lets you explore companies and industries around the globe to see how everyone’s faring during this time of change. And here’s a teaser: 91 percent of companies say they’re facing barriers to transformation, so there’s work to be done.

How SAP Works With Intel to Embrace a Digital Transformation

In this era of digital transformation, IT no longer just supports strategy. It’s become the strategy, according to Jesper Schleimann, Digital Transformation Officer, EMEA North at SAP. That’s part of the reason why SAP and Intel are working together to make enterprises more agile during this shift. To that end, they’ve created Executive Digital Exchange, a leadership forum where companies can build skills for the digital world.