This Week in Executive News

CIOs and other tech leaders offer useful insights into how they develop happy, productive IT teams. Technology disruption affects way more than just the tech sector; it’s come for construction, healthcare, and even 7-Eleven. Don’t underestimate the role and power of today’s networks for the enterprise. These smart networks are powerful engines. Intel has announced some exciting new products to help move, store, and process data. Plus, new analytics solutions help tackle your data challenges.

How to Build an IT Team That's Great for Today and Tomorrow

If you feel like hiring the right talent for your IT team is kind of like trying to hire that unicorn people often talk about, you’re not alone. Hiring a capable, productive, happy team requires a range of things like innovative work programs and continuous staff development. CIOs from Experion, Hermes, and more weigh in.

Tech Spending Will Near $4 Trillion This Year—Here's Where All the Money Is Going and Why

News flash: Technology disruption isn’t only having a big impact in the tech sector. It’s affecting construction, oil and gas, healthcare, convenience stores, elevator makers, you name it. The digital transformation and growing IT spend open the door for risk and opportunity, and company leaders across industries are finding ways to use tech wisely.

5 Industries Already Channeling the Autonomous Enterprise of the Future

If you still think of the network as an IT support function or a binary utility, it’s time to get with the times. Today’s networks are powerful engines that intelligently connect people to technology. Smart, autonomous networking plays a role in hospitals, classrooms, retail, logistics, and more, so companies need to start thinking about it that way.

Intel Announces Broadest Product Portfolio for Moving, Storing, and Processing Data

You’ve heard it before, and you’re going to keep hearing it: Customers need to extract more value from data. So Intel has announced a broad product portfolio to make this a reality. We’ve got new Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Intel Optane SSDs, and Intel Agilex FPGAs, all designed to help move, store, and process data.

Deploying Analytics to Increase Business Value

Some people claim that bacon makes every food better (burgers, donuts, cocktails … the list goes on). We’re not trying to say we’re better than bacon or anything, but we can say Intel Select Solutions for Analytics do something similar for data. Combined with new Intel hardware, they make data deliciously valuable.