This Week in Executive News

One multinational tech exec takes lessons from the cricket field to the boardroom. More healthcare executives are taking the industry out of the data doldrums to give providers and patients better access to information. AIOps may be just the thing your organization needs to reach its digital transformation goals. Next month’s Intel Virtual Technology Conference puts the latest Intel tech right at your fingertips. Natural language processing is everywhere these days, and it’s becoming easier to run these workloads.

4 Leadership Lessons From a Multinational Tech Executive

Like many kids, Manish Vyas had grand dreams of becoming a professional athlete. He also had pragmatic parents (as many kids do) who wanted him to focus on his schooling. But that didn’t stop him from applying the lessons he learned on the cricket field to his career. Now an executive at multinational IT company Tech Mahindra, Manish offers some valuable insights on what it takes to be a successful technology leader today.

Why the Healthcare CIO Holds the Greatest Potential for Change

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry has traditionally lagged behind when it comes to innovation. Yet amid the onrushing tidal wave of data, many healthcare CIOs are learning not only how to swim, but to buoy up those around them. Put it this way: If siloed data across healthcare departments and organizations is a rip tide, consolidating systems and integrating data into one platform is the surfboard.

How Can Enterprise-Wide Automation and AIOps Help Your Business?

No, “AIOps” isn’t the title of the next “Call of Duty” installment, wherein special ops forces have to battle sentient robot armies (though that would be pretty cool). Instead, AIOps is a tactical way for enterprises to complete their digital transformation missions. By automating critical IT operations tasks, AIOps can reduce operational costs, ensure customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Save Your Spot at the Intel Virtual Technology Conference

Fall means cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, and football. It also means it’s time for the Intel Virtual Technology Conference. This semiannual conference streams the latest Intel technology, sales, and marketing support information to Intel Technology Providers like you. Save your spot today to access on-demand content, learn how to innovate at scale in a data-centric world, get a closer look at the Intel Partner Alliance program, and much more.

How Can I Help You? Putting Natural Language Processing to Work

Saying “hey, Siri” or “hey, Alexa” doesn’t require much effort as a user. (In fact, natural language processing technology is designed to make life easier for users.) But behind the scenes, this type of technology requires a lot of processing power. The good news: You don’t need a supercomputer to run NLP, and off-the-shelf solutions like Dell EMC Ready Solution for AI – Deep Learning with Intel are helping organizations run NLP workloads more easily.