This Week in Executive News

Intel announces an integrated platform for its partner programs. Glimpsing the future with Intel CoFluent technology. Register for the Edge AI Summit. Preparing for disruptive technologies. And how the cloud is shaping the workforce.

Intel Helps Partners Connect, Innovate and Grow in a Data-Centric World

To encourage more ecosystem collaboration, Intel is unifying its partner programs into one integrated platform: Intel Partner Alliance. Intel has long recognized the value of industry partnerships, offering more than 200 hours of online training sessions via the Intel Partner University training platform.

Predicting Performance With Intel CoFluent Technology

Infrastructure upgrades can be a hard sell to executives. By running simulations of an organization’s software stack and hardware components, Intel CoFluent technology helps IT departments better communicate the value of new solutions. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always try it before we buy it?

Edge AI Summit 2019

If you’re as excited about AI at the edge as we are (who wouldn’t be, right?), then join us at the Edge AI Summit in Silicon Valley Nov. 20–21 to hear a keynote from Intel’s Caroline Chan, VP & GM of the 5G Infrastructure Division. She’ll discuss disruptive platforms for low-latency services with AI at the edge.

Is Your IT Department Prepared for the Next Wave of Enterprise Tech?

We’re all waiting for 5G, quantum computing, and AI to change our lives, but are we ready? These emerging technologies won’t be the solution to all of our problems once they arrive to market. But with a forward-thinking mindset and willingness to delve into the details, they’ll definitely solve a few.

Cloud Technology Is Fueling the Enterprise With Changing Work Patterns

If you aren’t living with your head in the clouds, then you must be living under a rock. From ride sharing services to entertainment streaming, the cloud supports life’s greatest conveniences. Now, it’s driving demand for more flexible work policies by enabling employees to plug in from anywhere with Wi-Fi.