This Week in Executive News

Intel addresses global challenges through corporate responsibility. Character in times of crisis. Intel’s women of influence. Remote work: upgraded. And better data center visibility.

Intel Marks a New Era of Shared Corporate Responsibility

When Intel was created, its purpose was to develop world-changing technology. Over time, however, that mission has grown. Leveraging its creativity, expertise, and influence, Intel’s latest Corporate Responsibility Report outlines new plans for tackling climate change, pandemic preparedness, and more.

6 Things I’ve Learned From Intel’s Response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 and shutdown orders spread, Intel leadership sprung into action. “While adversity builds character, it also reveals it,” Intel’s chief people officer writes. By meeting this crisis with confidence, compassion, and creativity, Intel has revealed itself as a model for enterprise business continuity.

In Their Words: How Women at Intel Are Influencing the Channel

With more women making a splash in STEM, technology’s diversity problem is shrinking. But that doesn’t mean it’s gone away completely. Intel’s leading women have some advice for the next generation of women in tech. Spoiler: None of it involves downplaying their more traditionally feminine qualities.

New Intel vPro Platform Bolsters the Modern Workforce

Remote work may be our new normal, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. Enter: 10th-generation Intel vPro processors. Designed to deliver better connectivity, productivity, and remote manageability, the new Intel vPro platform offers hardware-based security features and the best Wi-Fi technology for video calls.

Empowering Faster Decision-Making Across the Enterprise

Intel and Splunk announced a multi-platform collaboration that aims to give IT managers better visibility into an increasingly complex data center environment. By enabling more efficient root cause analysis, the new system-level telemetry solution has the potential to lower TCO while improving uptime.