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It’s not too late to make a some more New Year’s resolutions. CIOs have a few that could improve their organizations and help build the business of tomorrow. A big part of that is knocking down old silos and bringing data together in a structured, coherent way. That data is essential for AI projects, which are only as good as what goes into them. And while all this is happening, it really is time for organizations to find a cloud strategy if they haven’t already.

10 CIO Resolutions for 2019

How are those resolutions going? You’re still hard at work on them, right? Okay, good. We were worried for a moment you’d given up on jogging. Now we’ve got a few more for you. If you’re a CIO, it’s helpful not only to change what you’re doing, but how you see see the world and what kind of questions you’re asking. Also, this kind of stuff doesn’t involve hitting the gym, so get at it.

A Blueprint for the Enterprise of Tomorrow

The enterprise of tomorrow will look very different than the enterprise of today. If the Enterprise NCC-1701-J is any indication, the warp nacelles will be streamlined and the saucer section flattened out. As for the enterprise of tomorrow, it will be built around integrated, people-centric processes and advanced data systems that effectively bring together both human decision-making and automation.

Solving the Mass Data Fragmentation Problem Should Be a Top CIO Priority

If you were reading a book, you wouldn’t want to read a passage telling you the next chapter is a podcast, the chapter after that is on Netflix, and the one after that is a video game. But that kind of fractured approach to data is exactly what a lot of organizations have, with data still living in old archives or siloed sources. In 2019, it’s up to CIOs to break down the barriers and weave together the narrative.

Getting Started With AI in 2019: Prioritize Data Management

Data is to AI what food is to humans. You can’t just eat junk food and expect to be very healthy, and AI can’t ingest garbage data and expect to perform very well. To make sure AI is fit, trim, and keeping to a good diet, it’s important to make sure it’s dining on data that’s high-quality, strategic, integrated, and well-governed.

5 Reasons to Embrace Enterprise Cloud in 2019

2019 is the year your company should migrate to the cloud. And, honestly, it’ll be kind of weird if you don’t. The stability and scalability offered by cloud computing is pretty well-established now, which means if you’re still relying on on-premise storage by the end of the year, you’ll be like that guy wearing a leisure suit like it’s still the ‘70s.