This Week in Executive News

Why modern PCs are essential for the future of business. The Intel Foundation joins the Million Girls Moonshot movement. AI guru and Stanford adjunct professor Andrew Ng explains the future of AI on Intel’s new podcast. CIOs have a growing to-do list as they remain focused on digital transformation. And five steps can help you move to AI-first.

Planning for Your Company's Future Means Outfitting Employees With Modern PCs

In 2020, it’s become abundantly clear that companies can’t overlook the vital role of the PC. The rush to buy PCs for newly remote workers revealed many of the challenges with existing PCs, like aging hardware and form factors, outdated connectivity, and missing collaboration tools. Forward-thinking companies are looking for ways to better position themselves with PCs in the future.

Intel Foundation Joins "Million Girls Moonshot" for STEM Diversity

For two decades, the percentage of women receiving engineering and computer science degrees has remained flat or declined. So Intel is joining forces with the STEM Next Opportunity Fund and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to launch Million Girls Moonshot, which aims to transform engineering and computer science education for girls.

Podcast: The Future of AI

Few people understand AI as deeply as Andrew Ng, the technologist, teacher, and entrepreneur who founded Landing AI, is a General Partner at the AI Fund, and was a founding leader at Google Brain. Hear Ng’s insights into the future of this critical technology in the first episode of Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Podcast.

The CIO Has a New Set of Priorities and Problems: Here's What's on Their To-Do List

CIOs accomplished what may have seemed like an impossible task this year: setting up and supporting a remote workforce. In doing so, they’ve gained credibility. But businesses have also come to expect emerging technologies, which means CIOs’ to-do lists aren’t getting any shorter, and they’ll need to prioritize their investments.

5 Steps to AI Transformation and Survival

Are you ready to move to an AI-first operating model that weaves more intelligence into products and processes? Sixty-six percent of CIOs report their teams are working on identifying AI use cases, running pilots, and scaling them for better outcomes. These five steps can help you shift to AI-first and succeed with AI transformation.