This Week in Executive News

Intel CEO Bob Swan talks corporate purpose and responsibility. New partnerships aim to address lopsided unemployment rates. Intel launches the first AI associate degree program in the U.S. A six-part series for CIOs and CFOs on managing cloud costs. And Intel’s predictions about the future of work.

Corporate Purpose and Social Responsibility

In the face of relentless unpredictability, how can companies maintain clarity about their societal purpose while protecting their workers, preserving business continuity, and making decisions? Washington Post Live recently spoke with some of the top voices in business, including Intel CEO Bob Swan, to discuss the role and responsibility of CEOs and companies during times like these.

Diversity and Inclusivity: More Important Now Than Ever

The numbers don’t lie: Unemployment rates brought on by the pandemic are staggering, but particularly alarming for women and people of color. Intel is partnering with governments and communities around the world to address the digital divide, expanding access to the technology skills needed for current and future jobs.

Intel Launches First Artificial Intelligence Associate Degree Program

As AI technology quickly expands, workers are being required to learn new skills—and studies show the demand for those skills is expected to grow exponentially. Expanding on its AI for Youth program, Intel is partnering with Maricopa County Community College District in Tempe, Arizona to launch the first Intel-designed AI associate degree program in the United States.

What CIOs and CFOs Need to Know About Multi-Cloud Costs

The benefits of running a multi-cloud environment are big: modernized application development, simplified data management, better security. Does your enterprise IT team operate this way, and are you doing so effectively? In this first of a six-part series, you’ll learn how your cloud costs are closely tied to your cloud strategy.

TechTalk: The Future of Work

With the mass shift to remote work, businesses have dramatically changed the ways they engage with customers and with their own teams. Yet the future remains unclear. In this episode of TechTalk, Insight’s Amy Protexter spoke with Intel’s Stephanie Hallford about Intel's predictions for the new future of work and how the company is preparing for it.