This Week in Executive News

Being data-first requires a sound data pipeline. Manufacturing Day inspires Intel to reflect on social responsibility. A technological approach could solve society’s most pressing issues. CIOs are drivers of AI deployment and must be ready to act. And those with non-IT backgrounds can still succeed as IT execs.

How to Become a Data-First Enterprise

When you have 315 petabytes of data across 140,000 sources (like Intel did), you need to get organized before you can use deep learning to make sense of that data. Luckily, new end-to-end solutions can help get your data pipeline in order, so you can become truly data-centric.

Manufacturing Day: Reinforcing Our Responsibility to Sustainability

At Intel, social responsibility is embedded in the soil of manufacturing. Intel’s founder was a champion of mindful manufacturing from the start—planting seeds of a values-based perspective. Two decades later, the fruits of those efforts are continually realized through feats of sustainability and community impact.

How Government CIOs Can Improve Outcomes for Citizens and Society

It’s no secret that agility, analytics, and augmented intelligence are radically transforming businesses and the consumer experience. Now Gartner says it’s time to focus our efforts on digital transformation within the public sector. Read more details in the Technology Trends in Government, 2019–2020 report.

Navigating AI: The Changing Role of the CIO

Global spending on AI is expected to triple in the next few years. In fact, businesses that fail to incorporate AI into their digital strategies now risk getting left behind for good. Of course, implementing cutting-edge technology is no easy task. That’s why companies need CIOs to be advocates for change.

How to Succeed as a CIO With a Non-IT Background

Faking it till you make it might work for some things, but serving as an IT executive isn’t one of them. That doesn’t mean someone with a non-IT background can’t hack it. CIOs can overcome the learning curve by spending time in the trenches with IT. That’s just one of three tips for success from Gartner.