This Week in Executive News

Key takeaways from an annual gathering of CIOs provide a framework for how companies should approach technological change. IT professionals are critical to transforming organizations into agile enterprises. A new resource group for Intel customers was established to help them maximize opportunity and stay relevant in the marketplace. Natural language processing is helping AI voice tech be more conversational. And Intel Unite Cloud Service makes meetings more productive for small businesses and enterprises.

4 Things Modern CIOs Need to Know

If you’ve ever joined a video call wearing pajama pants and a business-casual button-down shirt, then you know the benefits of remote work extend beyond reduced or eliminated commutes. The vision for virtual workgroups dates back to the ‘70s, but it turns out IT professionals have been consolidating to a few key locations around the U.S. in the decades since. That’s just one of four big takeaways from this year’s MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.

CEOs Need to Drive Agility Across the Enterprise—CIOs Are the Ones to Help Them

Your significant other can’t read your mind but your CIO is trying. With rapidly changing consumer expectations, agility is critical to survival in the business environment. That means organizations must anticipate market signals and respond to customer feedback in a timely manner to deliver tailored services that preempt consumer needs. IT professionals have been pioneering agility for decades, making CIOs well-poised to transform organizations into agile enterprises.

Introducing Intel’s New Network and Custom Logic Group

The Intel Network and Custom Logic Group aims to help businesses maximize opportunities and stay ahead of technological disruptions that threaten their position in the marketplace. Led by Dan McNamara, the group was recently established to support Intel customers in their efforts to make better use of data, modernize infrastructure for 5G, and accelerate AI computing workloads.

Natural Language Processing Could Be Key to Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Anyone who has felt a deep-seated rage after speaking with an incompetent chatbot understands that advances in voice tech will improve customer service and help unlock the value of AI for businesses. Chatbots are increasingly ubiquitous, but thousands of spoken languages and the nuances of verbal conversation continue to challenge this tech’s evolution. Don’t throw your phone against the wall just yet—the AI community is making big strides in an area of research known as natural language processing.

New Intel Unite Cloud Service Makes Collaboration Accessible for Orgs of All Sizes

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, meetings are a mainstay of the professional landscape. This week, the Intel Unite Cloud Service was launched to modernize collaboration environments for small business and enterprise organizations. The new solution offers the same services as the existing on-premise offering, but with flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the cloud. This low-maintenance manageability enables IT teams to pursue higher technology priorities while making meetings more productive for organizations.