This Week in Executive News

Hot tip: Tap an unlikely insider to lead your organization’s digital transformation. Lenovo and Intel are combining forces to speed up the convergence of AI and HPC. Intel’s CTO joins the “Future of Work” podcast to chat about technology’s impact on the growing gig economy. See how data capital leaders are putting data to good business use. And avoid accruing technical debt with a holistic approach to digital implementation.

Should You Put a Digital Expert in Charge of Your Digital Transformation?

It might sound counterintuitive, but a well-regarded digital guru isn’t always the right person to lead your organization’s technology shift. Unless that person has a deep understanding of the needs of both the company and its customers, a textbook digital strategy will fail to gain traction. For many businesses, an unlikely insider could be the key to unlocking digital transformation. Bonus points if that person has previously expressed skepticism about your organization’s plans to go digital.

Intel’s Chief Talent Officer on How to Transform Talent to Prepare for the Future

In this episode of “The Future of Work,” Intel Chief Talent Officer Amber Grewal discusses the effects of technology on individuals and the workplace, and how they inform talent acquisition. With more employees seeking meaningful work and a level of freedom to work when, where, and how they desire, Intel is keeping a pulse on the gig economy to ensure it remains central to its hiring strategy.

Lenovo and Intel Announce Multiyear Global Collaboration to Extend HPC and AI Leadership

Put two good things together (cake and frosting, coffee and donuts), and things get even better, right? That’s what you’d expect from an Intel/Lenovo collaboration that will “accelerate innovation into the Exascale era.” Building on their long-standing data center partnership, the two companies plan to speed up the convergence of AI and HPC by focusing on systems, software optimization, and ecosystem enablement.

Harness the Value of Your Data Capital to Drive Business Success

Businesses across industries have been collecting scores of information about their customers and processes for years, but few have found success in mining actionable insights from the data. According to a recent survey of IT decision-makers, data-driven organizations—otherwise known as data capital leaders—are seeing significant returns on their IT investments. Read the report for recommendations on how to position your organization for success with a data-driven strategy.

Information Security and Technical Debt Management

When IT solutions are deployed with reckless abandon, they often result in the need to revisit codes and systems with time-consuming maintenance. That lost time and energy is known as technical debt, and its relation to information security is a lot closer than you might think. Any holistic approach to digital implementation will cost more time and money up front, but the long-term payoff will be less technical debt and more security peace of mind.