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Looking back at 2020 and ahead to 2021. Intel helps bridge the diversity gap with a new tech law and policy center. How to clear three barriers to meaningful digital transformation. Why IT visibility means happier employees. Selecting the right server processor for your enterprise apps.

Embracing Digital Transformation Podcast: The Roaring '20s and Looking Forward to 2021

New year, new decade, new priorities for many companies. While the 1920s conjures images of flappers in speakeasies, this century’s roaring twenties will be more about learning from last year’s disruptions and navigating our new world of distance learning, remote working, and contactless everything. Intel’s Darren Pulsipher and former Intel VP of Sales Rachel Mushahwar look ahead to the year (and decade) to come on this episode of Intel’s “Embracing Digital Transformation” podcast.

Intel Invests in Diverse and Inclusive Pipeline of Tech Law and Policy Talent

Committed to building a more equitable world, Intel will donate $5 million over the next five years to North Carolina Central University, a historically Black college and university, to create a new tech law and policy center. The center will offer greater access to diverse professionals in the legal and policy fields, and will address discriminatory laws and public policies that create structural and systemic inequities.

Clearing 3 Hurdles to Digital Transformation

As many midsize businesses have learned, there’s more to digital transformation than simply adopting the latest technologies. Three major hurdles—gaining relevant insights, data privacy and security, and a lack of financial resources—keep 94 percent of these organizations from accomplishing true digital transformation. Here’s how to keep from stumbling.

How Predicting IT Issues Improves the Employee Experience

How has the pandemic changed (or not changed) the modern workforce? How can IT visibility improve the employee experience? Intel VP and GM of Business Client Platforms Stephanie Hallford recently spoke with Aternity president and CEO Bill Hewitt to explore those questions and more.

Selecting the Right Server Microprocessor to Run Your On-Premises Enterprise Applications

CPUs are among the most critical server component considerations for many enterprise IT managers. But with no fewer than 400 server processor SKUs to choose from, how do you make the right decision? IDC’s Shane Rau answers that question and more in this Intel-commissioned report.