This Week in Executive News

To get the most out of AI, organizational leaders must take a holistic approach to widespread implementation. Forbes Insights AI answers many of your burning AI questions in its sixth issue. Getting the most out of massive amounts of data will require businesses to completely reimagine their data management strategies. Experts in security, risk, and compliance will lead a roundtable about best practices for automation in the financial services sector. And Intel’s new vice president of silicon engineering says chip makers will need to change their tactics to improve computing performance.

Building the AI-Powered Organization

Imagine buying the latest smartphone but only using it for calls and texts. Surveys show that less than 10 percent of organizations are using AI to its full potential. In fact, most companies are only using this emerging tech for a single business function. To get the most out of AI initiatives, organizational leaders must be willing to rewire the entire organization. Here are three shifts companies must make to scale their AI opportunities.

Forbes Insights AI: Issue 6

Better late than never. If you missed the latest issue of Forbes Insights AI, it’s worth pausing your Friday to take a look. This installment tackles how to turn AI into a core competency. You’ll get advice about building teams with AI, insights into whether AI can help unlock creativity, and a bunch of other interesting things you should know to be successful with this tech. Grab a cup of coffee and dive in.

Excelling in the New Data Economy

Data is so hot right now. By the year 2025, the sum of the world’s data will amount to roughly 175 trillion gigabytes. That means businesses will have a lot of opportunities to mine valuable insights that result in enhanced product and service offerings. Of course, they’ll need to form a radically new approach to data management before they can reap the benefits.

Automating Security, Risk, and Compliance in the Financial Services Sector

Financial institutions face growing security challenges amid increasingly interconnected and complex technology environments. Join leaders in security, risk, and compliance—including Intel Federal Chief Technologist Steve Orrin—for a roundtable about security automation and orchestration. The discussion will provide attendees an opportunity to share best practices for enabling innovative customer experiences that adhere to stringent security regulations.

Intel's New Chip Wizard Has a Plan to Bring Back the Magic

Some say Moore’s law is dead, but Intel’s Senior Vice President of Silicon Engineering, Jim Keller, thinks it just needs a new definition. Speaking to an audience of startups, venture capitalists, and other tech giants, Keller said Intel will need to explore other tactics to make computers faster. The event, hosted by Intel, was a celebration of the chip industry and its benefits to society over the past 50 years.