This Week in Executive News

Intel collaborates with tech companies and other communities to change and save lives during the pandemic. How CEOs can enable effective cloud computing. The person you need for a digital transformation. Important traits of technology for the future of work. And how retail can move forward in the face of uncertainty.

The Pandemic Drives New Era of Tech Collaboration

We’re all in this together. That means tech companies like Intel, our customers, and our communities must collaborate and use technology to change lives and save lives. So far at Intel, we’ve helped healthcare organizations provide “care at a distance,” connected teachers and students, and much more.

3 Actions CEOs Can Take to Get Value From Cloud Computing

If you’re not happy with the speed of your move to the cloud, it might be time for the CEO to provide some needed support to the CIO and CTO. So what exactly does that mean? Likely a few key interventions, like developing a new business-technology operating model for taking advantage of the cloud’s speed and agility.

Who Will Lead the Process of Digital Transformation in Today's Companies?

Consumers quickly transformed their behaviors during a pandemic, and now it’s time for companies to do the same. To succeed in the future, you need to adapt, and that likely means investing in technologies that change how you operate. The goods news is if you have a strong innovation manager, you can get the job done.

7 Traits of Tech in the New Work Reality

What’s the common thread that unites all the new realities of the way we work? Technology. It’s the backbone of not only remote work, but also contact tracing apps, migrating in-person processes to digital, and a whole lot more. But it’s not just any technology that’s helping us through—this tech has seven important traits.

The Pandemic Is Rewriting the Rules of Retail

Riding out the storm isn’t the best path forward for retailers these days, even if the pandemic has introduced a ton of uncertainty into the future of shopping. Instead, retailers need to focus on the digital customer experience as well as elevated in-person customer service to meet shoppers’ expectations.