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This week: How to turn your AI investments into business outcomes. A reminder that sticktoitiveness is the key to a project’s success. In the era of distributed intelligence, strategic partnerships will drive the edge cloud. Enter to win the ultimate PC refresh for your business. Why your AI application needs 5G.

Getting AI Results in 30 Days

Even though more companies are pursuing AI, studies suggest that fewer than 20 percent of investments result in transformational outcomes. At VB Transform 2022, Intel’s Arun K. Subramaniyan joined leaders from Wayfair, Red Hat, and Aible to discuss how each company is working to enable AI access across the enterprise to harness its full value.

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In Tech, Remember That "Not All Projects Are Successful"

Many tech companies would do well to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. John Walsh, AI software engineering manager at Intel Movidius, reminds us that while not all projects are successful (and may never even make it to market), focusing on the positives can provide building blocks for success.

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Enter Now for a Chance to Win the Intel vPro Rescue for Your Business

Intel and CDW are giving one deserving business the ultimate PC overhaul with a fleet of laptops on the Intel vPro® platform, not to mention invaluable IT expertise to help improve system productivity and efficiency. Tell us why your business needs the Intel vPro® Rescue by August 5 for a chance to win!

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Your AI Edge Application Needs 5G

When deploying their data-hungry AI applications, many organizations forget about the network—until the network stops working. With more and more AI use cases emerging every day (and gobbling up network bandwidth), 5G/LTE networks provide faster speeds, lower latency, and more bandwidth.

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