This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

The forecast for enterprise cloud adoption could include a few bumps in 2019 if enterprises don’t prepare ahead of time. The need for flexibility is driving hybrid cloud adoption. CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is getting a new data center. Good reasons (that go way beyond “everyone else is using the cloud”) exist to adopt the cloud this year. And a new Intel partnership aims to enable the next wave of cloud providers.

Enterprise Cloud Journeys in 2019: Plain Sailing or Storms on the Horizon?

Put away your Farmer’s Almanac and your local weather forecast. If you’re an enterprise considering moving workloads to the cloud, this 2019 cloud forecast is the one you need. And from the sound of it, what we should expect is cloudy with a likely chance of increased spending, opportunities for AI, and a shortage of relevant talent. Now’s the time to prepare.

Hybrid Cloud Trends Offer Lessons for Potential Adopters

January: the season of predictions. We wouldn’t blame you if you said you were sick of hearing them. That doesn’t mean they’re not valuable, though. Let’s take a minute and look behind the predictions. What’s causing increased hybrid cloud adoption? The need for flexibility. So before you lock yourself into a hybrid cloud scenario, consider your needs and some important lessons to make sure you actually get that flexibility.

CERN's New Data Center for the Large Hadron Collider "beauty" Project

The whole universe was in a hot, dense state … and CERN’s Large Hadron Collider “beauty” project aims to figure out what happened after that explosive Big Bang. To do so, CERN is installing a new data center with some unique characteristics, including free air cooling and a modular design. Once installed, this data center will help the world’s largest machine do some serious number crunching.

5 Reasons to Embrace Enterprise Cloud in 2019

“But Mom, all my friends are doing it” wasn’t a convincing reason for you to do anything when you were a kid. But here’s something all your enterprise friends are doing that you should, too: embracing the cloud. And enterprises are moving to the cloud for plenty of good reasons like performance, portability, and scalability, so convincing management (and your mom?) to migrate shouldn’t be too hard.

Supermicro and Intel Tackle the Next Wave of Cloud Demand

We’ve all heard of cloud giants like AWS, but a new wave of service providers is coming that will deliver speciality or regional cloud services. Supermicro and Intel have teamed up to develop the Cloud Center of Excellence, designed to serve these specialty cloud providers, as well as enterprises that want to build their own hybrid or private cloud. The CCoE will be pretty useful, helping speed up delivery and lower costs for pilot projects.