This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

Cloud cost advice for CIOs. A framework for your cloud transformation. Tapping into HPC in the cloud with Intel RHOC. How 5G can improve cloud gaming. And a solution to mitigate DDoS attacks in the cloud.

What CIOs and CFOs Need to Know About Multi-Cloud Costs

The benefits of running a multi-cloud environment are big: modernized application development, simplified data management, better security. Does your enterprise IT team operate this way, and are you doing so effectively? In this first of a six-part series, you’ll learn how your cloud costs are closely tied to your cloud strategy.

Webinar: Cloud Transformation During Dynamic Times

Everybody’s been forced to adapt this year. For many enterprise companies, that means cloud computing is no longer optional. Join Intel’s CTO of digital transformation, William Giard, and CloudGenera’s CTO, Bobby Allen, for a webinar on July 16 about how you can develop a framework for cloud transformation.

Expanding Resources With Rapid HPC Orchestration in the Cloud

If you’ve been thinking, “I could use a simplified way to set up and manage HPC clusters,” then you’ve come to the right newsletter. Intel’s open-source Rapid HPC Orchestration in the Cloud helps users tap into cloud HPC by providing a common interface for launching workloads, and Google Cloud will provide it to their HPC customers.

Webinar: Cloud Gaming on 5G

When you think about the benefits of 5G, you might not think about games. But this tech could bring big improvements to cloud gaming. 5G will provide more throughput, and cloud gaming can take advantage of the network edge, too. Hear all about what’s possible for gaming when 5G and the cloud come together in this July 16 webinar.

BIG-IP VE for SmartNICs: Mitigating DDoS Attacks in Cloud Environments

Some good news for those concerned about DDoS attacks: A new solution from F5 that combines BIG-IP Virtual Edition and an Intel SmartNIC can protect cloud environments from these threats much better than a software-only solution. Plus, it can even lead to lower cost of ownership.