This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

Intel and Lenovo have announced a collaboration to accelerate the convergence of AI and HPC. Artificial intelligence looked like it was going to cause problems for older data centers, but then it stepped up and fixed the problems. Data centers are turning to liquid cooling to keep rising temperatures from demanding workloads under control. Intel’s Lisa Davis says the digital transformation isn’t a “one and done” situation; we’re going to have to keep transforming to deliver the best services to customers. And a report from Dell EMC and Intel explores cloud solutions to help enterprises on their transformation journeys.

Lenovo and Intel Announce Multiyear Global Collaboration to Extend HPC and AI Leadership

Put two good things together (cake and frosting, coffee and donuts), and things get even better, right? That’s what you’d expect from an Intel/Lenovo collaboration that will “accelerate innovation into the Exascale era.” Building on their long-standing data center partnership, the two companies plan to speed up the convergence of AI and HPC by focusing on systems, software optimization, and ecosystem enablement.

The Age of Artificial Intelligence Arrives in Data Centers

Just when you think a new technology has come along that’s going to cause problems for your business, that new tech steps up and actually fixes the problems. That’s the convenient story of AI in the data center, as it turns out. Many data centers weren’t built for rapid AI adoption, but AI is solving that problem by increasing efficiency, improving reliability, assisting with security, and more. Thanks, AI!

Liquid Cooling Makes a Splash in Enterprise Data Centers

If temperatures in your data center start soaring, just reach for an ice cold can of soda. Wait, that’s not right … Reach for a direct liquid cooling (DLC) system. DLC moves heat away from processors with a liquid-cooled heat sink instead of just using air. It may not come with the satisfying sound of cracking open an aluminum can, but it has the potential to quench HPC’s thirst for higher throughput.

Intel: Helping Enterprises Realize the Power of Digital Transformation

When’s this “digital transformation thing” going to be over, you ask? Lisa Davis, Intel VP of Digital Transformation and Scale Solutions, Enterprise and Government, says she’s often asked this question, and it kind of misses the point. Transformation never really ends, does it? To aid in this ongoing process, Intel is helping enterprises leverage technology to continually provide customers with better services.

Understanding the Economics of In-Cloud Data Protection

Speaking of digital transformation—because let’s face it, no one can stop talking about it—public cloud infrastructure is driving a lot of this transformation for businesses. A recent report from Dell EMC and Intel looks at how Dell EMC solutions for in-cloud data protection help lower costs and reduce required storage for organizations embarking on this kind of change.