This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

Intel predicts memory failure and ushers in a new era of connectivity. The federal government offers cloud strategies. A VMware expert explains the future of the edge. And multi-cloud meets data management.

The Ghost in the Machine That Maximizes Uptime

For e-commerce companies and cloud service providers, fear of data center downtime might be one of the things keeping IT leaders up at night. But Intel Memory Failure Prediction technology can reduce one of the top three data center hardware failures. A test by Meituan demonstrates how it works.

How 5G and Edge Computing Fit Into the Future of Intel’s Traditionally Chip-Focused Lineup

If you think we’re connected now, just imagine what connectivity will look like 10 years from now. With that in mind, it’s no surprise Intel’s priorities are evolving. Intel Chief Engineering Officer Dr. Venkata Renduchintala joined The Vergecast to discuss 5G and its global impact on network transformation.

State and Local Agencies Learn Cloud Strategies From the Feds

It’s rarely a good idea to reinvent the wheel, and that holds true for local government agencies looking to move to the cloud. The federal government has already been through the cloud learning curve, so consulting their Cloud Smart strategy and other best practice resources can help avoid common pitfalls.

The Future of Edge Computing: Beyond IoT

If you look at what’s behind many of today’s technologies—smart factories, connected vehicles, facial recognition—you’ll find edge computing. So what can you expect from this growing sector? This interview with Bryan Beal from VMware’s Telco and Edge Cloud Group explains.

Data Management Meets Multi-Cloud Environments

Add multi-cloud data management to the top of your to-do list. A new study from the Evaluator Group found more than two-thirds of enterprises are developing strategies for the multi-cloud world, and new tools are emerging to help companies get the most from the public cloud. Keep an eye on this space.