This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

Big visual data analytics has arrived, and security for data in-use has, too. Hybrid HPC delivers needed compute power. Before tackling multi-cloud data complexity, think first. And learn how to avoid dropping the data visualization ball.

Overcoming Visual Analysis Paralysis

If someone ever asked you for a quick favor that became more complex, we know how you feel. A request for traffic video clips to use at trade shows sounded simple, but turned into a challenge that led to a proof of concept for big visual data analytics.

Intel SGX Evolves for Data Center

The journey toward widespread confidential computing is just beginning. Frodo has just set off from the Shire, if you will. But much like Frodo, the enterprise has some helpers along the way—in this case, Intel SGX technology, which helps secure data in-use, especially in multi-tenant cloud environments.

Why Flexibility Is Critical to Hybrid HPC Success

Just because you’ve always done things one way doesn’t mean that’s the best solution now, right? In 2019, increasing your HPC cluster’s footprint because you need more compute power maybe isn’t the best solution. Companies need flexibility for HPC, and for many, that means a hybrid HPC solution.

Dealing With Multi-Cloud Data Complexity

Here’s something your high school math teacher might have told you: Think through the problem first and then start solving it. When dealing with multi-cloud data complexity, the same thinking applies. IT leaders should think through possible approaches before selecting tech to solve the problem. Doing so prevents wasted time and the wrong solutions.

Why Businesses Fail to Maximize the Value of Data Visualization

Regardless of your sport of choice, dropping the ball is never a good thing. It’s not good in business either, and unfortunately businesses drop the ball with data visualization more often than you’d think. But the right data visualization strategies and dashboards can help keep the data ball in play.