This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

Who’s the best trendspotter? It might be data analytics and not your best-dressed co-worker. To keep your cloud bill down, you might consider how you lower your heating bill. There are lessons to be learned from 2018’s data center outages, and they’ll get you to focus on the basics. To manage over 75 million domains, GoDaddy is switching to hybrid cloud. And Microsoft is using a sound infrastructure to speed up its HPC workloads in the cloud.

Why Retailers Are Making the Cloud Their Best Friend This Holiday Season

You know those people who started wearing skinny jeans before they were cool again, those people who always seem ahead of the trends? It turns out data—analyzed by Data-as-a-Service platforms from the likes of AWS, for instance—might actually be the best trendspotter, and this is good news for retailers who can use data insights to decide what to make, where to sell it, and a whole lot more. Soon data might have those trendy people beat.

5 Best Ways to Minimize Cloud Scaling Costs

To prevent a really high heating bill in the winter, people do practical things like turning down the temperature when they’re not home, keeping doors and windows closed, and using shrink wrap around the windows to prevent air from leaking out. The same principle applies to a business’s cloud bill. You need to follow best practices to prevent scaling from breaking the bank. And that’s a year-round task.

Lessons From This Year's Data Center Outages: Focus on the Fundamentals

They say you learn from your mistakes, right? Well, there’s plenty to be learned from 2018’s data center outages. The majority of downtime was caused by power outages, network failures, and IT or software errors, so the lesson might be that everyone needs to get back to basics to make data centers more resilient. When the majority of problems are simple, it’s best to avoid making the same mistakes over and over.

GoDaddy Moves to Hybrid Cloud and Optimizes Infrastructure TCO

Managing over 75 million domain names is no small feat, and on top of that, GoDaddy needs to deliver high performance and security. To make its SaaS better, the company recently switched to hybrid cloud. On this Chip Chat podcast, GoDaddy’s VP of Infrastructure Engineering Adnan Adil discussed what the company has learned from the switch so far and what benefits it expects to see.

Azure Delivers HPC Horsepower From the Cloud

If you’re constructing a house, you need to build it on a sound foundation. There may not be ground in the cloud, but If you’re running high-performance computing workloads there, you still need a solid base. That’s why a team at Microsoft is running HPC workloads atop Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure and powered by Intel Xeon Platinum processors.