This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

Cloud computing is maturing, which could lead to better CX, more innovation, and increased cloud usage overall. Enterprise hybrid cloud keeps growing, and we’ll need some tools to help that trendline continue upward. You may not have given it much thought, but more smart speakers will mean more demands on data centers. Intel and other tech companies are working to develop an open interconnect technology to improve CPU performance. And there’s a webinar coming up that will help you plan a hybrid cloud strategy.

3 Trends That Define the Next Phase of Cloud Computing

The cloud’s in its second decade and it’s going through a growth spurt thanks to the next wave of smart technologies that build onto the cloud. This will lead to more widespread adoption, new levels of CX, and continuous innovation. So next time you have cloud computing stand against the wall and measure its height, it will likely be quite a bit taller.

Joining the Dots: Equipping the Hybrid Cloud to Meet the Needs of the Digital Enterprise

Enterprise workloads are heading to the cloud, and 36 percent of them are already running there. More and more enterprises are also mixing their cloud and opting for hybrid cloud setups—18 percent so far—and that number is only expected to grow. Not surprisingly, getting hybrid cloud to work for more enterprises will take work, and future tools aim to provide the visibility needed to make it happen.

The Rise of Smart Speakers and Voice Could Boost Data Centers

When you ask Alexa to settle a debate about whatever fact you’re arguing over with your friends, your thoughts probably never go to the data center helping provide the answer. But the growing market for smart speakers will place growing demands on data centers. True, algorithms can often handle answering simple questions at the edge, but for tough questions, we’ll likely need data centers to settle the debate.

A Milestone in Moving Data

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: Enterprises need to extract value from data fast. Now Intel and other tech leaders like Google, Alibaba, and Dell EMC have gotten together to create a consortium with the goal of developing Compute Express Link. CXL is an open interconnect technology that will boost performance and reduce bottlenecks for CPUs. Maybe we’ll always say we need more value from data, but this will be a step in the right direction.

Hybrid Cloud Virtual Event: Build a Successful Hybrid Strategy

To succeed in the cloud, you can’t wing it. (This isn’t a high school English or history test where you can B.S. your way through the essay section.) You need an optimized hybrid cloud strategy. Lucky for you, tech leaders from Microsoft and Forrester will offer perspectives about how to advance your hybrid cloud and best practices for doing so in a webinar on March 28. Tune in, and you won’t have to wing it.