This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

  • Webinar: Digital integration for data-driven utilities
  • Intel takes on e-waste with disaggregated servers
  • Open OnDemand enables HPC access from anywhere
  • Podcast: Eliminating downtime and data loss

Webinar, Sept. 28: Digital Integration for the Data-Driven Platformed Utility

To meet their sustainability targets, utilities require a robust data integration hub to capture and integrate data from both OT and IT data sources. On September 28, join Dell Technologies and Greenbird to learn about Utilihive, an Intel-powered “data transformation engine” designed specifically for electric utilities to enable use cases such as smart grids, predictive maintenance, and intelligent grid operations.

Intel Takes on E-Waste With Disaggregated Servers

There’s no sense discarding perfectly good server components when they themselves don’t change from one processor generation to the next. That’s why, several years ago, Intel created the world’s first disaggregated server architecture, allowing data centers to quickly and efficiently upgrade performance, cores, and memory without leaving literally tons of e-waste in their wake.

Work and Learn From Anywhere by Making HPC "Open OnDemand"

Today, more than 120 research institutions around the world offer easy, web-based access to HPC systems via Open OnDemand. Created by the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), the portal—built on open-source software developed at OSC—serves as a “one-stop shop” for accessing HPC from anywhere, ultimately “reducing the time to science.”

Conversations in the Cloud: Eliminating Downtime and Data Loss

ZeroDown Software’s Alan Gin and Keith Fukuhara join Intel’s Jake Smith to talk about the evolution of data center recovery time over the last 20 years and where the industry is headed. They also discuss how several advancements culminated in Ultra HA, a solution designed by ZeroDown, Intel, and HPE to eliminate downtime and data loss in a hybrid, multi-cloud world.