This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

Multi-cloud security may be shedding its reputation as a hindrance to cloud migrations, instead becoming an enabler. It might feel like the cloud is always available for you, but if you treat it as an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, you might be startled by your bill. A new hyperconverged solution from Intel and Nutanix lets you build an enterprise cloud that can scale. Our Open Source Technology Summit has grown significantly, and it delivered significant insights into what’s possible with the right software and hardware infrastructure. And there’s a new supercomputer on the scene: Meet “Bubba,” here to help with oil and gas industry research.

Securing Multi-Cloud Environments

In the past, security for cloud migrations got a bad rap. It posed challenges and hindered the move away from on-premise. But it might be time for this perception to change, according to one cloud infrastructure expert, who says these days Cloud Security Operations tools designed for cross-cloud migrators can actually enable better cloud operations.

Is Your Cloud Spend Out of Control? How to Rein in Your Purchasing

Everybody’s moving to the cloud to handle their workloads, but this cloud feeding frenzy isn’t an all-you-can-eat buffet. If you don’t keep an eye on costs, your budget can bust pretty quickly. A cloud management tool can provide the transparency needed to keep the check from being much more than you expected.

Intel and Nutanix Collaborate on New Hyperconverged Solution

It might feel like a daunting task to build an enterprise hybrid cloud that can scale to meet data demands. But don’t fret, because Intel and Nutanix have the solution for you: the Intel Select Solution for HCI. This solution comes with reference designs for a variety of computing, memory, and storage needs and will help IT transition to hyper-converged infrastructure.

Intel Drives Innovation Across the Software Stack With Open Source for AI and Cloud

Once upon a time our Open Source Technology Summit involved just a few dozen engineers. But much like open source software itself, the summit has grown by leaps and bounds and now includes more than 500 participants, many from leading tech companies. We had insightful discussions about how open source software optimized for Intel hardware will drive AI, machine learning, and more.

Intel to Build DUG's Latest Cloud-Based Supercomputer Tailored for Oil and Gas Exploration

We’d like to introduce you to “Bubba,” a cloud-based supercomputer for geophysics research and exploration. DownUnder GeoSolutions will house this Intel-based HPC system in its Skybox Houston data center and use it to obtain a picture of the earth’s subsurface for oil and gas research.