This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

You might want to make AI the co-pilot for your next road trip, er, digital transformation. Avoid taking a piecemeal approach to the cloud if you want to avoid unexpected costs. (Shocker: Planning ahead works better.) The future of cloud security might require taking a look at human behavior patterns. Companies are turning to Intel Ethernet Adapters to provide better CX in the cloud. And IBM has a noteworthy HPC-as-a-Service solution for enterprises that’s worth checking out.

3 Reasons AI Should Be Your Data Center Co-Pilot

Believe it or not, AI has a lot more in common with the perfect road trip co-pilot than you might think. On your digital transformation journey, AI can optimize demand to meet service levels, monitor infrastructure health to help you navigate, and make your IT staff more agile. AI might not sing along with the radio, but it can make the trip a lot easier.

How to Avoid the Downside of a Cloud-First Strategy

If you take a piecemeal approach to the cloud—like many companies starting out with cloud technology do—you risk cloud costs getting out of control. To avoid becoming one of the 53 percent of IT professionals who say the cloud is more expensive than they expected, you may need to develop cloud-native applications or use a multi-cloud approach. The moral of the story: Having a plan is better than not having a plan.

True Cloud Security Requires a Blended Approach With a Human Touch

These days, relying solely on traditional technologies to handle security issues isn’t always enough. Enterprises definitely need these tools, but since security challenges are constantly shifting, they also need to think like humans. By analyzing people’s technology use patterns, companies can identify potentially malicious behavior and security threats before a breach or attack occurs.

Upgrading Network Infrastructure to Meet Growing Global Demand

To stay competitive, companies need to give the people what they want. That translates to fast services. Meeting demand in the cloud requires stepping up network infrastructure. That’s why companies like DigitalOcean, Kingsoft Cloud, and NxtGen are using Intel Ethernet Adapters to increase performance, get scalability, and alleviate bottlenecks so CX doesn’t include delays.

IBM Optimizing the Cloud for HPC Workloads

More and more enterprises are heading to the cloud for their HPC workloads, and IBM is ready to help these customers with a new HPC-as-a-Service offering powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The company aims to optimize the cloud for these demanding workloads and help their customers stay ahead of the technology curve.