This Week in Cloud and Data Center News

Deloitte has released the results of a recent survey, which show that many IT executives are still waiting to adopt the cloud. Well, time’s up. Take a note from Microsoft, which is pushing innovation from the cloud to the edge with FPGAs. Intel’s Bill Magro and Trish Damkroger talk HPC in the cloud (and how it’s also streamlining innovation). And Intel acquires Barefoot Networks to further its mission to strengthen end-to-end cloud networking.

The Forecast Is Cloud

Laura Ingalls Wilder was 65 when she published “Little House on the Prairie.” Brendan Gleeson was almost 40 before he decided to quit being a teacher and become an actor. Even Colonel Sanders didn’t found KFC until he was in his sixties. Point is, it’s never too late to find success. For those CXOs who have been avoiding the cloud conversation, Deloitte says there’s no time like the present.

Why Microsoft Is Betting on FPGAs for Machine Learning at the Edge

You can’t spell “field-programmable gate array” without “edge.” Good spellers and cutting-edge technologists at Microsoft know that better than most, which is why they’re leaning on FPGAs (with Intel baked in) to train machine learning models in the cloud and run them at the edge. Helps, too, that FPGAs are small, precise, and affordable. We call that a W-I-N.

HPC in the Cloud

Our ears are still ringing from all the buzz at ISC19. Intel Fellow and Chief Technologist Bill Magro was in the middle of the hive, talking about the harmonious relationship between cloud and HPC. Companies dabbling in HPC yet still relying on on-premise systems have learned how the cloud can free them up from the constraints of fixed capacity and long-term contracts while boosting productivity and innovation.

Cloud Delivery Drives New Opportunities for HPC-Enabled Innovation

Still need convincing that cloud and HPC are the new dynamic duo? Intel’s Trish Damkroger highlights several companies that are showing that Intel technologies provide the same level of excellence for cloud-based HPC as they do for on-premise systems, blowing the gates wide open for faster innovation.

Intel to Acquire Barefoot Networks, Accelerating Delivery of Ethernet-Based Fabrics

Exciting news: Intel has made an acquisition that will support its focus on end-to-end cloud networking and deliver new capabilities for data center customers. Navin Shenoy, Intel Executive VP and GM of the Data Center Group, describes the acquisition of Barefoot Networks and how it will speed up ethernet-based fabric delivery.