Building the Future With Software-Based 5G Networking

What’s an innovator to do when latency and connectivity issues get in the way of creating next-gen solutions? Look to the future: software-defined 5G networking. As far as Intel’s Nick McKeown is concerned, it’s going to “create a ‘Cambrian explosion’ of new ideas that will manifest in ways that if we were to try to predict, we would get it wrong.”

Webinar, Feb. 2: Intel Investing in a Strong Networking Industry Ecosystem

On February 2, tune in for an open discussion on how Intel has invested in developing its ever-growing partner ecosystem. You’ll get an overview of the Intel® Network Builders program and the Intel® Partner Alliance, and learn how you can participate in and take advantage of Intel’s partner program offerings.

Vodafone Switches on UK's First 5G OpenRAN Site

This week Vodafone switched on the UK’s first 5G OpenRAN site, the first of 2,500 planned 5G and 4G OpenRAN sites, in support of the government’s ambition to accelerate the development of the OpenRAN ecosystem. For their part, Intel technologies—including Intel® Xeon® processors—are on board to optimize workload acceleration and connectivity.

ASU Aims to Untether Immersive Learning With 5G

As part of Arizona State University’s expanded technology partnership with Verizon—which includes a new on-campus 5G lab—students will now have the chance to explore and develop new immersive learning experiences enhanced by 5G. That means untethered, even more compelling VR experiences.