This Week in Network Transformation News

  • Edge and 5G speed up smart factory growth
  • Ericsson Cloud RAN in enterprise applications
  • Intel and Juniper accelerate Open RAN
  • Podcast: Open RAN’s challenges and opportunities
  • TIM launches two new Open RAN solutions

Edge Computing and 5G Connectivity Hasten Smart Factory Growth

Putting computing closer to data sources at the edge is the only way to manage the ever-growing volume of data. In an Industry 4.0 setup, where huge amounts of raw data are generated by connected devices, edge computing allows data to effectively be processed and analyzed in real time right where it’s generated. Case in point: Intel and Exor International’s new smart factory in Verona, Italy.

How Full Is the Parking Lot Today? Ericsson Cloud RAN for Enterprise Application

Using radios to provide over-the-air coverage from light poles, plus live-streaming video footage through a commercial 5G device, Ericsson engineers have demonstrated how video analytics and radio access technologies offer real-time analysis of available space in its visitors’ parking lot. It’s just one example of how Cloud RAN allows service providers to address a range of 5G use cases and business opportunities.

Intel and Juniper Networks Accelerate Open RAN Ecosystem

As they continue to transform their infrastructures for 5G, more network operators are turning to Open RAN for better innovation. Earlier this month, Juniper Networks announced a collaboration with Intel to accelerate Open RAN in order to improve the customer experience, maximize operator ROI, and speed up time-to-market.

Podcast: Challenges and Opportunities in Open RAN

Amdocs’ Neil Coleman recently joined Intel’s “Conversations in the Cloud” podcast to talk about why moving to Open RAN is critical for CommSPs. Stream the episode to learn about adoption concerns and why companies are looking to prioritize products over projects, plus hear how Amdocs SmartRAN minimizes the challenges of deploying, managing, and optimizing Open RAN networks.

TIM: 2 New Open RAN Solutions Launched on Mobile Network

Italy’s TIM Group has launched two new Open RAN solutions with the aim of accelerating development of 5G digital services and edge computing through centralized and cloud-based functions. In cooperation with Dell Technologies, Intel, and VMware, the solutions allow users to separate hardware and software components of the RAN in order to diversify suppliers and promote a broader industry ecosystem.