Intel Retail Study: The Pandemic’s Effect on Consumer Behavior

With over half of shopping now happening online, consumers’ expectations are higher than ever. Intel and IHL Group have released a study exploring the changing retail experience while highlighting technologies—such as Intel Smart Stores solutions—that can enable a more dynamic retail experience.

Webinar: Driving Edge-to-Cloud Security Through an Ecosystem of Innovation

The separation of IT/OT in organizations with increasingly connected IT, OT, and edge-IoT systems can lead to security blind spots. Learn best practices for eliminating the attack surface area, plus how to choose the right partners and technology to reduce vulnerabilities and increase operational resiliency.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Reinvents the Drive-Thru

One ingredient we know for sure in Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken is conversational AI. To cater to the recent surge of drive-thru customers, the Midwest-based restaurant chain turned to Hi Auto’s Intel-powered AI solution that greets guests, answers their menu questions, and places their orders.

Embracing the Promise of a Compute-Everywhere Future

Data demands continue to push computing to the edge, enabling real-time processing right where it’s needed most. Intel’s Sandra Rivera joins MIT Technology Review’s “Business Lab” podcast to discuss how the compute-everywhere future will create exciting new possibilities for businesses.