This Week in Internet of Things News

  • A collaboration to measure air quality
  • Register today for Intel Innovation, Oct. 27–28
  • Floricultura cultivates IoT-powered automation
  • Intel and Nokia accelerate the journey to Industry 4.0
  • Video: Industry 4.0 and the 5G factor

A Collaboration to Measure Air Quality

Phizzle, Cisco, Intel, and Glasshouse Systems are teaming up with University of Miami researchers to leverage IoT edge technologies, data analytics, and lab-grade cleanroom technology in traditional campus buildings as a way to monitor air quality in real-time and ensure wellness on campus.

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Floricultura Cultivates IoT-Powered Automation

Maintaining high standards of quality across millions of tropical plant specimens requires some pretty cutting-edge breeding technology. To manage operations at scale, Floricultura harnesses IoT tech running on an Intel-powered HCI solution from Lenovo and Scale Computing to automate processes such as watering and climate control in its greenhouses across the globe.

Intel and Nokia Accelerate the Journey to Industry 4.0

Nokia has launched Nokia MX Industrial Edge, the industry’s first industrial edge solution which leverages Intel’s latest innovations and CPUs for high-capacity processing. The solution allows enterprises to take advantage of on-premise cloud-edge architecture in order to advance their Industry 4.0 journeys.

To the Edge and Beyond: Industry 4.0 and the 5G Factor (Part 3)

Intel’s “To the Edge and Beyond” series continues as Christine Boles explores 5G’s emerging role in accelerating connectivity improvements and data sharing speed. She explains why industrial firms should start planning and testing wireless solutions that will allow incremental adoption of viable 5G solutions.