This Week in Internet of Things News

  • How OEMs should approach the vehicle-as-a-platform inflection point
  • Updating legacy OT systems with IoT and AI
  • Tackling today’s five biggest IoT security challenges
  • Mobileye’s AVs hit the streets of NYC
  • Intel joins the CLPA to drive TSN forward

Lessons From Intel: How OEMs Can Win the Connected Mobility Future

As connected vehicles become both mobile hardware and software platforms, auto manufacturers face the decision whether to embrace connectivity or risk being left in the dust. A few lessons from Intel’s recommitment to fabrication as a core competency extend to OEMs facing this critical vehicle-as-a-platform inflection point.

Bring Your Smart Building to Life With IoT and Automation

Many businesses returning to the office full-time are looking to update their legacy OT systems with intelligent building control solutions that increase operating efficiency and energy usage. In this on-demand webinar with KMC Controls and Arrow Electronics, learn how to bring a wide-scale approach to your smart building strategy and deliver cloud-based solutions that tap into the power of IoT and AI.

5 Big IoT Security Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

No single solution will solve the security challenges that arise as more IoT devices enter the world. According to Intel’s Anahit Tarkhanyan, “It is a process and a process that requires all the participants and supply chain in an ecosystem to work together.” Here she joins four other industry experts to offer advice on how to tackle the five biggest IoT security challenges organizations face today.

Mobileye Now Testing AVs in New York City

Mobileye has taken to the streets of New York City to demonstrate the vast capabilities of its AV technology and move the industry one step closer to commercial readiness. Check out the video to see how these vehicles navigate the highly congested NYC streets and what they’ve learned so far.

Intel Joins the CLPA

This week Intel joined the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) to support its ongoing efforts to develop and promote the application of time-sensitive networking (TSN) in the industrial sector. In addition to providing hardware components, Intel will work with the CLPA to develop the IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN Profile for Industrial Automation which will be key to identifying advanced TSN use cases in industrial settings.