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Interact With a Computer Without Touching It

In collaboration with Intel, Microsoft, and IBM, University College London has developed MotionInput software for fully touchless computing. The solution uses a combination of machine learning and computer vision to analyze and convert interactions like hand gestures, facial expressions, and speech into mouse, keyboard, and joystick signals.

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Building Toward a Hybrid World: Learn From the Experts

With hybrid work in mind, IT teams must deliver a superior technology experience for employees. On June 28, join Lenovo’s Thorsten Stremlau and Intel’s Kate Porter for a LinkedIn Live event exploring hybrid workplace solutions that maximize cost savings while meeting business requirements.

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Smarter Technology for the Next Reality

Join renowned speakers and technologists in this new Intel-sponsored futurist keynote series from Nutanix to get a glimpse of tomorrow’s societal and technological trends. Catch up with the first two talks now featuring futurist Shivvy Jervis and preeminent computer scientist and professor Sue Black.

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Webinar: Unlock PC Performance With Hybrid Architecture on Intel vPro

A radical shift in the way employees work requires a processor powerful enough to run modern software and intelligent enough to optimize performance. Join Intel experts on June 30 to learn how 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors featured in Intel vPro® devices are built to power the software modern businesses rely on.

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"Intel on AI" Podcast: Meta-Learning for Robots

In this episode, Chelsea Finn—assistant professor in computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford—discusses the different kinds of reinforcement learning being used to help robots learn more autonomously, including her own efforts to advance model-agnostic meta-learning.

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