This Week in Technology Innovation and Trends

  • A collaboration to advance biomedical research
  • Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger: The silicon man with the software plan
  • Researchers lay the groundwork for an AI hive mind
  • Enable IT to provide better-than-ever user experiences
  • A new edge-AI camera for face blurring and night vision

Broad Institute, Intel, and Google Advance Biomedical Research

To adapt to a surge in data generation and computational demand, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard has optimized its workflows for Google Cloud instances. Users can now run genomics workflows significantly faster and at lower cost by deploying on N2 instances with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger: The Silicon Man With the Software Plan

Before joining Intel from VMware, Pat Gelsinger stood by his mantra, “the future is software!” And he’s still standing by it. With a “software-first” approach, Gelsinger aims to make Intel the silicon platform of choice as companies continue to run a wide variety of complex applications from the edge to the cloud.

Researchers Lay the Groundwork for an AI Hive Mind

If you think it sounds like something straight out of science fiction, you’re probably right. Having already made huge advancements in AI chips, neuromorphic computing, and deep learning, Intel AI researchers are now setting their sights on advancing multiagent evolutionary reinforcement learning (or MERL).

Enable IT to Provide Better-Than-Ever User Experiences

As remote work expands, so will IT’s challenge of monitoring employees’ digital experiences. Aternity’s digital experience management solution—bolstered by the Intel vPro® platform and Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant—gives IT powerful remote manageability tools all in one streamlined dashboard.

A New Edge-AI Camera Solution for Face Blurring and Night Vision

Meet OpenNCC, an open-source, edge-AI camera based on Intel® Movidius™ VPUs and compatible with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. Developers can deploy different deep learning models for various emerging use cases, including public/private identity protection and night vision solutions.