CES 2022: Intel Hits Major Milestones Across Automotive, PCs, and Graphics

With the launch of new 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, Intel® Arc™ graphics featuring XeSS AI-driven upscaling technology, and Mobileye’s new EyeQ® Ultra SoC for autonomous vehicles, Intel is doubling down on its commitment to help customers harness the technology at the heart of digital transformation.

"Intel on AI": Stephen Wolfram on the Current State of Artificial Intelligence

Ever wonder if aliens view a completely different part of physical reality than humans? In this two-hour episode of “Intel on AI,” Stephen Wolfram joins Intel host Amir Khosrowshahi to speculate, offer his predictions about the limitations of quantum computing, and explore the current state of AI.

Podcast: Optimizing Medical Imaging at the Edge

For doctors to make real-time decisions, medical imaging data needs to be processed in less than a second. Yet latency and other issues pose challenges for edge developers. In this episode of “Health and Life Sciences at the Edge,” learn about the Intel solutions enabling AI inferencing for low-latency medical imaging.

Intel Optane PMem Empowers 4Paradigm’s All-Process AI System

To help enterprise users overcome challenges associated with explosive data growth, 4Paradigm worked with Intel to harness Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory’s higher storage density, data persistence, DRAM-level I/O performance, and lower cost in its proprietary SageOne AI computing platform.

Addressing Health Data Policy Challenges With Federated Learning

In a world where data privacy is paramount, federated learning—in which multiple collaborators train ML models at the same time—is making waves in healthcare. Intel’s Mario Romao and Prashant Shah discuss AI’s emerging role in data policy and discuss the Federated Tumor Segmentation initiative, which enables tumor boundary detection across diverse patient populations without sharing any patient data.